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How to Create a Prezi

An instructional guide

Tessi Guerre

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of How to Create a Prezi

Step 4: Add the Information By: Tessi Guerre Per. 7/8 Mrs. Shaver How to Create a Step 2: Brainstorm ideas Step 3: and Add New Frames With the button seen above ^ you can edit the path your Prezi will take. How to Add Images First you'll want to find this button:
After locating it and clicking it a menu will slide down listing items you can insert. Such as Image, Symbols & Shapes, Diagram, etc. etc. Animating Your Frames First of all, press this little guy again: Color Coordination If you don't want to start over on your Prezi or have your own background just press this lil' guy: Additional Information? I'm going to have to discover more. Largest Hint of ALL: BE CREATIVE WITH YOUR WORK! Hope This Prezi Helped! Any questions? Step 1: Choose a Template Once you sign into Prezi and choose a new project to work on, this menu will pop up and show you all of the Prezi templates you can choose to work with. Just choose one and it will give you a basic outline of it Once you look at the Prezi you've selected, you may want to take a look at what fonts you have and how your Prezi is set up. See if you like the theme. If you don't well... we'll get to that... Be careful, if you want to delete your Prezi and you already put information onto it, the information will be erased... FOREVERRR! When in this stage you can click on the frames and change the order, if you want more frames just hit the "frames and arrows" button at the top and select the style of frame you want and place it in the spot of your choice. Now you will want to fill up the frames you placed on the path of your Prezi. If you fill up all of your slides and you still have information to place onto your Prezi, just add another frame and edit the path. Path Shortcuts! In the Images category you can insert pics from a flash drive, your computer, or directly from online. If you find yourself having trouble with the path selection menu, just look at the left side of the screen. There will be a bar that looks like this, You can simply select a frame that has been made, hold the left mouse button down, and drag the frame to your requested spot in sequence. You can also delete frames in the "edit path" screen, just hover over the frame you want to delete and press the red "X" button that appears. No one likes being bored and watching a person presenting information blandly. Keep your audience INTERESTED! From there look for the little star symbol that looks like this... Click it and it will turn yellow and bring you to a screen like this: From there you'll want to hover over the area that can be animated (the green stars), just click to activate and if you want to preview your animation press the "play" button in the corner. This little dude will give you different color schemes applicable to your Prezi. He also gives you the chance to view other Prezi Templates if you don't like your original one. (and you thought I would forget. Hah!) Other than choosing pre-done color schemes your able to create your own that's applicable to your ACTUAL Frames and Fonts. But be careful, if you make it too "swirly" it'll make the people watching dizzy.
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