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Heart Health

No description

Kevin Taylor

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Heart Health

Cardiovascular Disease Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a group of diseases associated with the heart and blood vessels. CVD includes conditions such as :
Coronary heart disease
Heart failure
Rheumatic heart disease
High blood pressure

CVD is the leading cause of death in Australia. Life Expectancy of Indigenous Australians Life expectancy gap between Indigenous and non-indigenous Australians is almost 12 yrs

Indigenous Non-Indigenous

Males 67.2 yrs 78.7 yrs

Females 72.9 yrs 82.6 yrs Overview Life Expectancy of Indigenous Australians Diagnosis of Heart Disease Test the doctor may perform:

An electrocardiogram (ECG)

Stress Test

Echocardiogram- ultrasound of the heart

Angiogram- to see if the coronary arteries are becoming blocked or are already blocked Risks of CVD that we can change Smoking
High blood cholesterol
High blood pressure
Physical Inactivity
Being overweight
Depression, social isolation
A lack of social support Treatment and Management Range of medicines to treat coronary heart disease

cardiac defibrillators (pace maker)

Stent implants

Bypass surgery Prolonging Your Life Healthy Heart Why is the heart important? What causes coronary heart disease? A slow build up of fatty deposits
on the inside walls of the blood
vessels that supply the heart
muscle with blood

Activity - toilet rolls and plasticine? Risks of CVD that we can't Change Being male
Family history of coronary heart disease
Age- older we get the more at risk we are Management

Important to:
Take tablets as prescribed
Don't smoke
Reduce alcohol intake
Enjoy a healthy active lifestyle
Monitor blood pressure and cholesterol
Stay at a healthy weight
Stay socially connected with your community
Have regular check up with doctor Prevention Don't Smoke and try to avoid second hand smoke

Smoking is a major cause of heart disease

There is help available to assist with quitting:

Cancer Council Quit Line: 13 11 20
Quit WA: www.quitwa.com.au

Limit the amount of alcohol: No more than -2 standard on any day Heart Health Prolonging your Life What is cardiovascular Disease? What is Blood Pressure? Am I at Risk? How does it Happen? How does it affect me? Regular Check Ups Where to get more information Thank You

Any Questions? Be Active & Eat Healthy 1. Be active in as many ways as you can

2. At least 30 minutes physical activity each day

If any injuries check with your doctor on what you can do

Dietary changes
1. Eating two fruit and five vegetable

2. Lowers the risk of chronic disease even in absence of weight loss
To maintain good heart health it is important to have regular health checks

Talk to the doctor or local medical clinic if you have any concerns about your heart

Encourage family to also have regular check ups! Your Doctor

On the web at:
The Heart Foundation
Or at 334 Rokeby Road Subiaco WA 6008
Phone:(08) 9388 3343 or
Free Call 1300 36 27 87 Where can I find out more? Protecting yourself from Heart Disease Treatment & Management Cardiovascular Disease- What is it? How? We can take steps to reducing our risks of developing heart disease
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