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Edcamp Family Tree

No description

Chrissi Miles

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Edcamp Family Tree

Edcamp Boston Edcamp Cincy Edcamp Philly The Edcamp Phenomenon Edcamp Citrus Edcamp Detroit Edcamp Harrisburg Edcamp Minnesota Edcamp Tuesdays New Teacher Edcamp Edcamp BLC Edcamp CT Edcamp IS Edcamp Pasco E-School Edcamp RSD6 Tuesdays **Also inspired by EduBloggerCon East **Also inspired by Edcamp Philly Edcamp Oshkosh Edcamp Columbus, OH Edcamp Chicago 1 Edcamp Springfield Edcamp Stockholm Edcamp Leadership Edcamp Cleveland Edcamp Birmingham Edcamp Atlanta Edcamp CVille ***Also Inspired by Barcamp Edcamp Vancouver Edcamp Delta Edcamp Hudson Valley **Also inspired by EduBloggerCon East Edcamp Leadership BC Edcamp Plano Edcamp Lewi Edcamp Manor Edcamp Madison, AL The Orphans.... Contact Christine Miles so your info may be updated! ritzius2@gmail.com or @ritzius2 **Also inspired by Edcamp Milwaukee Edcamp Vermont Edcamp Dance Edcamp Gamification Edcamp St. Louis **Also inspired by Edcamp KC Edcamp Seattle Edcamp OC Edcamp OCLA Edcamp SFBay Edcamp Arts Integration Edcamp Baltimore Edcamp BAPS! Edcamp Central Valley Edcamp COEDTech Edcamp Denver Edcamp Edmonton Edcamp El Paso Edcamp Grand Rapids Edcamp Gwinnett Edcamp Iowa Edcamp Livingston Edcamp Louisville Edcamp Lulea Edcamp Madison Edcamp Mobile, AL Edcamp Ohio Edcamp Paltz Edcamp Partille Edcamp Phoenix Edcamp Plano Edcamp Prince George Edcamp Puerto Rico Edcamp RMH Edcamp Santiago Edcamp SK Edcamp Space Coast Edcamp Spel och Larande Edcamp stNY Edcamp Tucson Edcamp Tyler Edcamp Upper Valley Edcamp Vancouver Edcamp Vancouver Island Edcamp Vasteras Edcamp Wine Country Edcamp 010 Edcamp Houston Edcamp San Diego Edcamp Admin Edcamp BHS Edcamp Super If your event is on this list, contact Christine! *Stephenson HS Edcamp Chicago 2 Edcamp Indy Edcamp Louisiana Edcamp (Keene) NH Edcamp Social Studies **Also inspired by #SSchat Edcamp ND Edcamp NJ Edcamp Maine Edcamp SWO Edcamp Milwaukee Edcamp MSP **Minneapolis St. Paul Edcamp Green Bay **Also inspired
by TIES 2011 Edcamp Okanagan Edcamp
NC Edcamp PDX Edcamp Charlotte (CTL) **Also inspired by Barcamp Edcamp Common Core Edcamp Toronto Edcamp
Hong Kong Edcamp NYC Edcamp Montreal Edcamp NYC Spring Edcamp Quebec City Edcamp HTownMD **Also inspired by Edcamp Harrisburg Edcamp DC Edcamp Dubai Edcamp KC Edcamp Omaha Edcamp Dallas Edcamp Sioux City Edcamp Baltimore Edcamp Metro DC Edcamp Quinte
Edcamp Waterloo Region Edcamp Ottawa Edcamp Friendswood Edcamp Phoenix Edcamp Phoenix West
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