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For stuff

Daniel Kopp

on 27 April 2013

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Transcript of Project

Suggested Optimal Distribution Network Primary Node Options United Kingdom

Washington, D.C.
Savannah, Georgia Saudi Arabia
Egypt UAE
Sudan On-Going Projects Afghanistan
Central African Republic
Democratic Republic of Congo
Gaza Iraq
Sierra Leone
South Sudan
Yemen "One Planet,
One People,
One Vision" International Medical Corps: Distribution Network: Africa & Middle East

Hurricane Harold Relief Logistical Challenges Inbound & Outbound Locations 28
Vendors & Suppliers

5 World Food Program Depots Hurricane Harold Response Nicaragua Extensive Relief for Category 4 or 5 Los Angeles, California 4. Post-Event Two Month Recovery Plan 5. One Year Reconstruction Demographics Savannah, Georgia, USA 1) Emergency Response
2) Training Locals
3) Women and Children's Healthcare
4) Mental Health
5) Clean Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene
6) Nutrition Executive Summary 48 Locations Tunisia Infrastructure 7 Ports 1 Large
3 Small
3 Very Small Roads 19,137 km 2,033 Paved
17,104 Unpaved Population 5,727,707 Estimated Affected 100,000 Medical 10,000 Inland
Waterways 2,220 km 2012 Warehousing Startup June 3 Months of Flow November Hurricane Harold 2 Month Recovery 2013 Reconstruction A. Relief B. Recovery C. Reconstruction 1-3 Days 2 Months 1 Year November January 2013 20 Locational Demands in Annual Amounts
Medical kits: 29,568 Units
Hygiene Kits: 28,908 Units
Nutrition Support: 60,192 kg
Medicine: 42,759 kg - Scalable for Need Fluctuations -2 Logistical Clusters Airports 1 International
10 Paved
132 Unpaved Ocean: 15 Days
Air: 9 Hours East Approach Ocean: 15 Days
Air: 7 Hours Site Locations: Wasparn
Puerto Cabezas
La Rosita
Nueva Guinea
San Carlos
San Jauan del Norte Ocean: 22 Days
Air: 14 Hours Specialized for Medicine
Vendor Accessible Location
Collaboration with Sister Company
Strong Infrastructure Immingham, England, UK Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Savannah, Georgia, USA Ideal Location for On-Going Projects Air Ground Savings of $609,000 over 10 years

250 miles to ATL: Hartsfield-Jackson Water 5 Stages:
Strategic Planning
Reconstruction 3. Pre-Event Stage The Recommended Optimal Distribution Network is:


Fully stocked in 3-5 months
Rapid Emergency Response West Cost Approach 2000+ Patients a Week

Collect & Analysis Operation Data to Forecast Demands

Optimize Distribution Channels to Serve Sites Based off Consumption After 2 Month Relief - A Full Calendar Year

Focus: Clean Debris, Infrastructure Rebuilding, Reestablishing the Local Food Supply Chains & Communities

Assess Purchasing Needs & Sourcing Options

Optimize Volunteer Efforts on Our Focuses

Evaluation of Disaster Planning, Approach & Response for Future Situations Staffing Post-Event Relief for Category 2 or 3 Exploded View of Network Focus: Continuous Flow of Supplies, Nutrition, & Local Medical Training Two Donated Air Shipments 1 Flight = 27 Air Pallets/ 135 Standard Pallets Flight A
16 Air Pallets of Bottled Water = 171,360 Bottles
5.5 Cans of Hygiene Kits = 71,500 Kits
3 Cans for 9 IHEKs
1/2 Can of Surgical Kits = 32,500 Kits Flight B
14 Air Pallets/ BluMed Mobile Hospital
10 Air Pallets of 5,000 watt generators = 100 Units
3 Air Pallets of Bottled Water = 30,240 Bottles Cost of Fuel: Round Trip x 2 = $66,232 3 Optimal Warehouse Locations:
Savannah, Georgia, USA
Immingham, England, UK
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
2 month Total Cycle Time
4 days: Max Lead Time to On-going Projects
Saved 3.5 Million compared to 3PL

Hurricane Harold Relief: Nicaragua
5 Stage Plan:
Strategic Planning
Post Event - Relief & Recovery
Reconstruction Domestic Warehousing Quick Response

Inventory Technology Excellent Seaport and Airport Attractive Leasing Cost Gateway: East & West 2 Month Total Cycle Time
3pl +$3.5 Million
Cut Out 1 Tier
No Donations Passed-Up Emergency Response Team Coordinator

Logistics Coordinator

Finance Officer

Health Technical Unit Rep.

Monitoring Evaluation

Communications Officer Humanitarian Aid 1) Emergency Response
2) Training Locals
3) Women and Children's Healthcare
4) Mental Health
5) Clean Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene
6) Nutrition 1) Emergency Response
2) Training Locals
3) Women and Children's Healthcare
4) Mental Health
5) Clean Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene
6) Nutrition Twist
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