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The Beginning of Rome

geography of ancient rome and roman republic

cori A

on 6 May 2011

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Transcript of The Beginning of Rome

The Beginning of
Rome the Geography
of Rome the Founding of
Rome Rome has many natural figures
know to the public.Examples of
these are the Italian peninsula,
its Arable Land,and extinct
The Italian peninsula lies just west of the Balkan Penisula. It is shaped like a long , high heeled boot.The penisula is about 700 miles
long and only about 100 miles
wide for much of its length.
Rome is home of rich farmland.
"Tell me, all you who have journeyed through many lands,
have you seen a more richly farmed land than Italy?" asked the Roman writer Varro in the first century B.C. This states that Rome's farmland has been very fertile for a long period of time.

Most of Rome's volcanoes have been extict for a long time. The volcanoes have made the soil rich with its volcanic ash. lndustry These people,
who became known as
the Latins, settled
on a land south of the Tiber
River.There they raised crops,
such as wheat and barley; peas,beans,
and other vegetables; and figs, grapes,
and olives.They also herded sheep,goats,
and cattle.Latin women spun sheep's
wool into fabric for clothing.
These early farmers and herders
the ancestors of the Romans.Unlike Greece,
Italy is poor in mineral resources and surprisingly devoid of useful harbors. By: Cyndal, Cori, and Reid Around the eight
century ,a Latin
community started on a
hill overlooking the
Tiber river.This area proved
to an rich site this village
grew into the powerful Rome.
The land was very rich in soil
which is good for farming.Rome
was also near resources that
supply itself with wood and
stone.The land Rome was surrounded
by hills which defended the city.
Like Greece,Rome has a trading
and market place called a forum.
Rome's inland protects the city
frome pirates.Rome also became the
head of the trade routes.Many people
have an explanation for how the city began
but there is one legend that the Roman
came up with.The legend is about a brother
stealing the throne away from his other
brother.But the brother who is suppose
to be king had a daughter.The daughter
gave birth to two sons who defeated their
uncle and gave the throne back to their
From Monarchy
to Republic Rome's government was very similar to
Greek's and America's. in about 600 B.C
the Etruscans, a people from Italy's northern
region, took control of Rome. The Romans
rebelled after about 100 years of Etruscan rule.
They had started a new kind of government. In this
government, wealthy Romans elected leaders to make
decisions. They were now "Republic". Each year, they
elected two chief officials called "consuls". Similar
to the U.S, consuls were advised by the senate and
could veto laws they didn't like. Later,
Roman citizens were divided into two groups called
the Patricians and Plebeians. They claimed that
Patricians were more important than any other group of
people. In the end, pleceians and patricians became
more nearly equal. Rome Today Roman Society Rome like India had
classes.Each of Rome's
citizens were divided
into classes.To detemine
which citezen goes where
depends on thei wealth.Rome's
upper class enjoyed the best
of the city and always had money.
The upper class was made up of
wealthy patricians and plebians.Citizens who beloned to the upper class owned a large home
and many property.The citizens that
were apart of this class owned more
than 500 slaves.Like India Rome had
a lower class.This class was made up ofsoldiers,farmers,merchants,and
,craftworkers.If you did not own a
job you would be very poor but if
you are lucky you might find one.In
other countries slaves would be the
lowest class but slaves did not belong to anyting.The only way slaves could be free is if their
owners would die or if they bought
their freedom. from Republic
to Dictatorship The tax money that came from provinces
made the upper class richer but the
lower class poorer.Plebians lost their jobs
and their work was turned over to the slaves.
Conflict broke out and so did a brutal civil
war.Before the war conflict got so bad that two
brothers were killed for suggesting to change the
law.In 82 B.C Rome was change from Repubic to
a Dictatorship.The first Dictator was Lucius Sulla
of Rome.After his reign Pompey and Cicero acted as
consuls.In 59 B.C Julius Caesar was elected for consuls.
He conquerd Gual witch is now France.This act proved
to the people of Rome that he was a strong leader.The
senate feared that Ceaser would take over. The senate warned
Ceaser not to lead his troops past the Rubicon River but he
did not listen.Ceaser fought his enemies bravely.In 46 B.C
Julius Ceaser was named dictator of Rome.Ceaser made laws to
help the poor.The senate was afraid Ceaser was
going to make himself king.On March 15 he met with his
senate then some group of senators stabbed him.
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