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Digital Marketing - Product

No description

Vishal Sharma

on 8 September 2015

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Transcript of Digital Marketing - Product

Illy Issimo Product Line Across Different Social Media Platform
Shopping Product - Samsung Mobile
The Power
E-Word of Mouth
Working with
Influential Bloggers
Usage of Product/Services in Digital Marketing
A view of Samsung Product Mix Across Different Social Media Platform
Instagram only
Maximize twitter as
Technical Support
Website provides
in-depth information of all products
Each product line have a specific Facebook page
Utilize different platform to advertise the product line
Utilizing different social media platform to target different target customer
Specialty Product - Ferrari
Over 1.9 Million
Reached over 250 thousands viewers in less than 2 weeks
Engaging with customers
Create Special Hashtag
Over 2.7 Million
Reached almost 2.9 Million viewers

All started with search on Google
Reading people's review
Website provides more in-depth information
Public Figure Endorsement
Sending a free coke to your special ones
Introduction stage

New sharing campaign by the company
Spreading love across the world

Blogs rank among the top five "most tustworthy" sources of information on the Internet.
- Technorati, 2013 -
Why working with Bloggers?
Well known experts
Strong followers based
Well developed platform

Over 30 M views on YouTube
Full specifications of the products on its website
Strong fan based on Facebook.
Quickest way to spread information about the company.
eWOM focuses on person-to-person contacts that happen on the Internet on a written text, images or even videos format.

Usually non-commercially motivated so communication is perceived as unbiased, genuine and honest.
A medium to share nice and attractive images
Product giveaway
Product Review
Introduction stage

Product feature
Convenience Product - Coca Cola
Digital Marketing Campaign
Unsought Product - Alianz Insurance
Articles/video on the products' ability & strength
Company news and event
Updated daily
Customers concerned about the product's reviews.
Sleek & well polished website
Advanced tracking method to identify targeted consumers
Very detailed description of products
Excellent quality of audio & visual
Level of Product - Coke
Different type of products use different approach in digital marketing:
Convience product -> Create strong brand image and raise brand awareness;
Shopping product -> Provide in-depth information/specification of product;
Specialty product -> In-depth information presented in style; and
Unsought product -> Utilize web search browser.
Strongest aspect level of product is usually highlighted in digital marketing.
A specific digital platform might be chosen for a particular product line.
eWOM is powerful as it is perceived as unbiased.
Aspect of Product - Samsung
Shierly Shierly, Arnoldy Prasetya, Varsha Ramlaul, Vishal Sharma
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