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Medieval Weaponry (1066-1485)

Weapons and armor from Medieval times.

Jamie Carberry

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Medieval Weaponry (1066-1485)

Armor Swords Swords were one of the most popular medieval weapons, and were commonly used in face-to-face combat. "...siege engines were used to attack the defensive stone walls of castles and cities..." Medieval Weaponry (1066-1485) The Medieval times were filled with brutal war. Covered their bodies, and heads. Breast plates covered the chest,
the back plate protected the back,
and faulds protected the hips, abdomen, and lower back. Breast plate Faulds Besagues protected the shoulders,
Rerebrace and Vambrace protected the arms,
Gauntlets covered the hands Gauntlets Besagues Body Arms Sabatons were over the boots to cover their feet, Legs Greaves protected the lower leg, Poleyns and Cuisses covered the knees and thighs. Sabaton Cuisses Poleyns Helmets were used to protect the heads of warriors. Head They also had shields to protect themselves from direct enemy blows. Shields They ranged anywhere from 30-72 inches! Siege Engines The oldest of the siege weapons.

Used to cave in the walls of castles. Battering Ram Multipurpose machine to get soldiers at a close range relatively safe. Siege Tower These were used to throw large rocks and boulders at, and over castle walls. Stone Thrower Kite Shield
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