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Prophet Nuh

No description

Farouk Omer

on 1 March 2014

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Transcript of Prophet Nuh

Prophet Nuh

Satans Tricks
Satan wanted to take revenge from prophet Adam descendants by telling to them worship idols since he knows that Allah wouldn't forgive anyone who worships anything besides him. Satan started calling them to associate other things with Allah and eventually, people fell into his trap. As Satan, tried to convince them that their father and ancestors worshiped these idols. So, they started bowing and prostrated themselves in front of them and they sacrificed animals to those lifeless and harmless statues.

Prophet Nuh
Allah, By seeing these People not going to the right direction sent them a messenger to convince them, what they are doing is wrong. So he chose prophet as a messenger. Allah chose prophet Nuh among many others because he was generous, trustable, patient, compassionate, honest and sincere. Allah revealed to prophet Nuh, " Warn your people before a terrible punishment comes to the" So nuh stood up to his people and said "Indeed I'm a faithful messenger to you"

Adam descendants who only believed in Allah, dispersed all over the world. They lived in comfort as they built houses to live in and worked as farmers. They grew crops, and ploughed the land.
Satan's Revenge
Allah commanded satan to bow to prophet Adam, but he refused. And therefore, he was damned forever. So he decided to take revenge on prophet Adams descendants by making them worship idols so they go to hellfire with him.
By: Farouk 6C
The Suspiciousness in prophet Nuh's Personality
As prophet Nuh began to convince people to believe in Allah and only Allah and to stop worshiping those lifeless statues, people became mad as they considered anyone who doesn't worship idols is stupid so they started making people suspicious about prophet Nuh's Personality saying that "When did this man become a messenger of Allah? until yesterday he has been one of us" today he says' I am Allah's messenger to you" they also said "He used to play with us when we were young. He use to sit among us everyday. When did he become a prophet?"

The Believers Of Nuh
Prophet nuh worked very hard to convince people to believe in Allah and to forget about these powerless idols. Only a few ordinary people believed in what prophet Nuh said, But the wealthy people were too proud to even listen to this message because their wealth let them not think about the next world.
Nuhs Supplication
Prophet Nuh, tried so hard to convince people to believe in Allah for 950 years. He also tried very hard to guide them through the right path of forgiveness of Allah, but, they strongly refused, persisted and put their fingers in their ears so they can't listen to him. He tried in every way he can, he told them that Allah will give them wealth and children, and even provide with garden and streams of water but no one took advice and they avoided him. These people even told the next generation not to believe in what prophet Nuh says. So the only thing that was left for prophet Nuh was to turn to Allah for guidance.
Nuh's Ark, Nuhs son and The Great flood
Allah answered prophet Nuh's call of guidence and willed that the fate of these arrogant disbelievers
would be drowning in a great blood. So Allah demanded Nuh to build a huge ship so to save his disbelievers. But the disbelievers were making fun of him by saying "build a boat in the desert? how would it float" Nuh answered, ''you'll learn soon!". The disbelievers would mock him by saying " you have become a carpenter after being a prophet?" after that, Nuh ignored them. They continued in making fun of Nuh and mocking him but, he took it patiently. Allah also commanded Nuh to take a pair of every animal and creature. The promise of Allah came. The gates of heaven were open, flood was everywhere and earth was filled with the flows of water. Also, Nuhs son was with disbelievers and Nuh wanted to save from fire on the day of judgment and told him to come aboard with them and not to be with the disbelievers, but, he refused so, Nuh asked Allah to forgive his son forgive his son for his decision. But Allah, doesn't look at peoples families, He looks at a worshipers actions and intentions.

After the flood, the disbelievers perished and those who were with Nuh in the ship, left the ship and walked on earth in peace. Allah blessed the descendants of Nuh, and they were spread in the land.
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