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Final Solution

No description

Kelse Jenn

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Final Solution

What Does Final Solution mean? The term"Final Solution refers to Germanys plan to murder all jews of Europe. What is the origin? The term was used at the Wannsee Conference in Berlin Germany. The German officers discussed it implementation. When did the Final Solution actually begin? The idea of the "solution" began in 1919. Hitlar believed that Jews where sub-human. In 1933 Hitlar and the Nazis had power of Germany .They tired taking away privileges, hoping they would leave the country. But they didnt leave, and this lead to the "Final Solution" How was the Final Solution done? At first, the Nazis would shot them one by one. But that took to much time in the eyes of Aldolf Hitlar. In the fall of 1941 death camps where set up, were they would out thousands of Jews on trains. Most where killed by gas chambers, and others died of starvation. Approximantly 6,000 Jews where killed in a day, and their bodys where bulldozed into pits. And some bodys where even burned.
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