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No description

nick dzury

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Toxaphene

By: Nick Dzury
What it's used for and what it's composed of:
Toxaphene was used in making insecticides.
This is not an organic compound. It's made of of around 200 organic compounds.
What it's effects are:
Animals: Kills insects and causes problems for nearby animals. Specifically in Aquatic mammals, they lack hepatic enzymes that would help metabolise toxaphene congeners. As a result, toxaphene can accumulate in very high levels in their adipose tissues (Body Fat).

Humans: When inhaled, damages lungs, nervous system and kidneys. May even cause death
Any social hazards putting people at risk?
If you spray the insecticide, you are at risk for inhaling Toxaphene, and causing many of the health effects that were listed before.
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