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nash castro

on 8 April 2014

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To be presented by:

Odhiambo Nashon Yongo
Harrison Njenga
Lugoe Susan Furaha
Ramazan Guelor


1 Investigation
2 Problem Analysis
3 System analysis

The Norfolk hotel do not have a reservation system and still use the manual process to conduct their business processes.

our Investigation will involve use of techniques such as observation, interviews, samples and document revisions.
Problem analysis
The Norfolk hotel offers many services and therefore since it is assumed that the operations are manual problems will include;
 Difficulty in location of guest files due to the large number of guests’ files.
 Large storage space required due to the fact that the physical files occupy too much space.
 Human and computational errors due to the fact that humans are prone to make mistakes.
 Excessive complains from guests because of poor management of documents encouraged by the manual system.
 Poor communication since guests may often be served with services they haven’t ordered.
 Difficulty in data analysis where accountants may find it difficult to analyze the guests’ data during generation of expenditure bills.
Project managment tool that will be used is the Microsoft project manager since it is readily available.
This tool is important because it helps to identify upcoming development projects that arose from problems, opportunities and directives.
System analysis
Involves identification and articulation of system requirements where all the requirements should be identified to avoid future problems, constrains and interruptions. The stage also involves seeking out and valuing the input of all the stakeholders. This stage helps in identifying system input details and also system output details.

Proposed System
Objectives of the proposed system

 Will enable online booking and reservation via the internet and the front desk.
 Will enable automated data entry method.
 Will enable efficient communication within the hotel.
 Will avoid data entry errors.
 Will enable easy and authorized modification of data.
 Will enforce security measures to avoid unauthorized access to guest records and privacy.
 Will enable fast and easy retrieval of guest records.

Scope of the system
The system is meant to cover reservation, accommodation, meals, and accounts details. Other special services such as laundry, ironing and room service will also be automated by the system. Additional facility information will also be catered for by the system to increase efficiency. Tables will also be created for data storage. The tables included the following;
1. Reservation table
The table will have the following fields; regno, fname, sname, nationality, id card no, gender contacts, address, Email and Date.

2. Accommodation table

These details will include; regno, fname, sname, id card no, Room no, Category, Telephone ext, charges, amount charged, Total charge, Rcpt no, Payment and Nationality.

3. Admission table
Fields included in this table will be room no, out date, in date, luggage, Id card no, nationality, sname, fname and regno.

4. Meals table

The table will contain date, regno, fname, sname, id card no, Meal, charges, rcpt no, payment, Nationality, Amount charged, Total amount and Room service.

5. Laundry table
The table will contain the following fields; date, fname, sname, regno, id card no, linen, type, charges, rcpt no, payment, Nationality, Number of clothes, Amount charged and Total amount.

6. Ironing table

The table will contain fields like Total amount, Amount charged, Number of clothes, payment, Rcpt no, charges, type, linen, Nationality, id card no, sname, fname, regno and date.

7. Transport table

The following fields will be used; Date, Regno, Fname, Sname, Rcpt No, id card no, vehicle, Nationality, payment, Charges, commission and Total amount.

8. Ambulance table

The following fields will be used; date, type, fname, sname, regno, amblreg no, duration (days), charges, payment and Rcpt no.

9. Conference table.

The following fields will be used; date, type, fname, sname, regno, amblreg no, Rcpt no, duration (days), charges and payment.

10. Swimming pool facility table

The table will have the following fields; date, guest type, regno, sname, Nationality, duration(hrs), charges, payment, no of guests, Total amount and Rcpt no.

11. Sporting facility table

This table will cater for sport loving customers. The table will contain the following fields; date, Rcpt no, Total amount, payment, charges, duration, facilities, sport activity, Nationality, regno, sname, fname and type.

12. Employees details table

The table will contain the following fields; residence, mobile no, account no, salary, position, department, position, office tel, office number, email, address, contacts, id card no, staff names and staff no.
Advantages of proposed system

Will be easy and fast to access guest files.
Will have a better data management facilities.
Will enabled online reservation of guests into the hotel hence will be convenient to international guests.
Will provide performance evaluation of employees.
Will provide security measures for safe accessing of Norfolk’s information system.
Will reduce congestion at reception hence targeting customer satisfaction.
Will allow easy update of the guest records.
Will Provide organization hence lead to more guests.
Will reduce data entry and data processing errors.
Will reduce paper use at the hotel.

Disadvantages of proposed system

Will be costly in that extra costs like electricity and internet bills will emerge.
Will be time consuming during designing.
Training of staff on how to operate the system.

Is characterised by Feasibility Analysis.

Investigation is required in this stage to determine whether or not a given project is feasible. As per the Norfolk hotel, four main areas will be considered. This included the technical aspect, financial aspect, organizational aspect and the schedule aspect.


System Design

After acquiring results from the definition phase, system architecture is used to create the overall structure of the system. The system design phase describes the functional capabilities of the proposed system.

Train users
Analyst plans smooth conversion from old system to new system
Review and evaluate system

Trained personnel
Installed system

In a dynamic context, organizations need to be compelled to carry out new competitions and to possess an in and out cosmo vision for themselves.
strategic management tools are required. One of the strategic tools is an information system which involves computer technology.

For the system to function to its best capability, the analyst recommends the following:
 Networking of the hotel’s computers to enable data communication at the hotel.
 The hotel server be connected to the internet. In addition the hotel should have a web site onto which the booking page will be loaded to enable online booking over the internet.
 The system should be troubleshoot and updated to maintain the high competence standards of the system. This is because, being a system, the NORFOLK HOTEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is bound to undergo system entropy.
 High security measures should be upheld in order to avoid theft crimes at the hotel.
 The latest versions of antivirus be installed and updated frequently in order to detect the many virus programs that are emerging daily in the IT society.
 Every employee of the hotel is identified uniquely by a user name and password to his/her office computer. As in 1980 terrorist attack
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