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LRDC EH&S Organization (Release#2)

Rey Balla

R Balla

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of LRDC EH&S Organization (Release#2)

LRDC EH&S Organizational Chart
RL Bandy
LRDC President
Emmanuel "Noel" Yap
Emergency Response Team (ERT) Chairman
Reah Yu
Rene Ordona
Al Bodios
Resource Conservation Coordinator
Yoll Armada
HR Manager/External Affairs Coordinator
Victor Sungahid
EH&S Management Representative (MR)
Roles & Responsibilities
Ensure that all requirements of Environment, Health & Safety Acts and Regulations are followed
Ensure that all employees follow Environment, Health & Safety rules set by the company.
Serves as coordinator and secretary to the EHS committee.
Conducts EHS inspections as member of or with the EHS committee.
Ensure the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).
Submit reports to the regulatory bodies in accordance to Environment, Health & Safety acts.
Ensure that the environment in the premise is always safe and hygienic.
Acts as the document controller of the EHS management systems responsible to facilitate control of Environment, Health & Safety related documents with regards to creation, revisions, approval, identification, distribution, and retrieval
Leonora Jaralba/Normita Navarro
Senior Management Team (SMT)
Roles & Responsibilities
Ensure that the development operations of the organization are managed at optimum efficiency in the aspects of environmental health & safety
Approve Environmental Health & Safety Management System procedures, objective and targets and related Environmental Health & Safety Management Program
Recommend resources essential to implementation and control of the Environmental Health & Safety Management System
Monitor objectives and targets and reports to the President
Roles & Responsibilities
Overall responsibility for environmental, occupational health & safety of all employees and to ensure that the business of the organization is conducted in accordance to the policies defined.
Define and formulate the environmental health & safety policy for the organization.
Provide necessary resources for the implementation and control of the Environmental Health & Safety Management System including new projects.
Approving of Environmental Health & Safety Management System Manual
Has the final and ultimate authority to decide on the organization’s safety matters.
Appoints the Environmental Health and Safety Management Representative.
Roles & Responsibilities
Ensure that an environmental health and safety management system is established, implemented and maintained in accordance with the requirement of the ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 standards.
• Reports performance of the environmental health and safety management system and malpractice and occurrence of accident and incident related to the occupational health & safety in the premise to top management for review, including recommendations for improvement.
• Chairs the environmental health and safety committee meeting and represent the company in any issues related to the environmental health & safety management system.
• Promote environmental safety and health awareness and practices in the organization.
• Liaises with the appointed environmental health & safety officer of the organization.
• Coordinate the monitoring and measurement of parameters, related to the environment, safety and health.
• Interprets environment, safety and health measurement results.
• Ensure that the Environment, Safety Corrective and Preventive Request are satisfactorily corrected. Monitor objectives and targets and reports to management.

Roles & Responsibilities
Responsible for planning and developing procedures for
responses to identified environment, health & safety emergency situations in the organization.
Responsible for leading the response and evacuations during emergency situations.
Coordinates with environment, health and medical facilities to accommodate health & safety emergency cases.
May be composed of First Aide Team, Fire Brigade team, Earthquake / Evacuation Team, and others depending on the potential emergencies identified by the organization.
EH&S Representatives/Coordinator
Rey Gumalo Balla
Roles & Responsibilities
Initiates and implements resource conservation programs.
Coordinates with different departments to support resource conservation initiatives
Roles & Responsibilities
Manages issues pertaining to the general affairs of the company.
Represent the company on any external communication pertaining to environment, health and safety issues
Roles & Responsibilities
Ensures that suppliers provide Material Safety Data Sheet or
MSDS (updated for all chemicals supplied), a copy of which shall
be furnished to EHS.
Consider EHS requirements in the accreditation of suppliers/vendors, procurement of equipment and performance evaluation.
Coordinates implementation of established chemical procurement system/program.
Roles & Responsibilities
Support and promulgates environment, health & safety policies
amongst employees.
Coordinate training and awareness for employee on environment, health & safety education and awareness and upkeep of training records for all employees.
Roles & Responsibilities
Represent the employees on environment, health & safety issues to the management.
Provide feedback from the employees to the management on any changes in the organization that may significantly increase environmental impacts and the risk of the employee.
Give assistance to respective department/section heads in the identification of environmental aspects & impacts, safety hazards and risks of the work activities in their areas.
Works with management and EHS team to ensure establishment, implementation and maintenance of the EHS Management Systems.
Serves as the Document Controller of their respective department and the 5S+Safety Representative.
The coordinator of the EHS Representatives leads the group to maintain and sustain conformance to LRDC’s EHS management system and represents them to top management.
Internal Audit Coordinator
Roles & Responsibilities
Appoints and qualifies internal environment, health and safety auditors.
Facilitates internal environment, health & safety audit activities from audit planning, preparation, execution, reporting, and follow-up
Chemical Procurement/Vendor Accreditation
Gembelyne Icamen
Training Coordinator
Chemical/Waste Management Coordinator
Leonora Jaralba
Roles & Responsibilities
Ensures maintenance of the chemical and waste storage areas
and stored items are stored accordingly per defined EHS requirements.
Ensures environment, health and safety in handling, storage and coordinates proper disposal of waste materials.
Coordinates implementation of waste segregation and management program.
5S & Safety Coordinator
Ryan Loresto
Health, Family Welfare & Wellness Coordinator
Yoll Armada
Roles & Responsibilities
Promotes and coordinates health, family welfare and wellness of employees through different health, family welfare and wellness activities/programs including planning, implementation and monitoring of mandated DOLE Health programs.
Provides open communication lines for feed backs and other hygiene and health issues from employees in their respective work areas and make sure recommendations for improvement are properly addressed.
Incident Coordinator
Marlon Mesina
Roles & Responsibilities
Facilitates incident/accident investigation, preventive and corrective actions, and follow up.
Works and coordinates with the EHS Officer in case of incident/accident
Logistics Coordinator
Roles & Responsibilities
Leads 5S+Safety group members and develop programs to maintain and sustain 5S+Safety culture.
Ensures that planned 5S+Safety audits are conducted and issues noted are resolved.
Conchitina "Chit" Exaltacion
Roles & Responsibilities
Facilitates and prepares necessary documents for the release of the chemicals.
Keeps a copy of permits and MSDS for PEZA requirements.
Coordinates implementation of International Air Transport Association (IATA) requirements.
Roles & Responsibilities
Adheres to all environment, safety rules and requirements set by the company.
Report all environment, health and safety non-conformance to immediate supervisor, EHS Representative or EHS Officer.
Provide and support environment, health and safety improvement.
EH&S Officers/Overall EH&S MS Coordinators/DocCon
Cebu Shared Services Center
Lilia Flor Deiparine - COE Finance/Accounting
Lyle Anthony Lao - COE Supply Chain
Mark Milloria - Performance Management
Remedios Cataluna - Purchasing
Rey Gumalo Balla - Returns & Claims
Lejandro Casinto
Rizabeth Catacutan
Roy Tabel
Sales & Marketing
Maelancor Ragrag
Desiree Buncad
Lovelyn Rios
EH&S Area Representatives
Carlos Mendiola
Erick Brent
Reynan Revillas
WW-PH Product R&D
Tech, Quality, Supply Chain
Geniza Camoro - HR/Medical
Gembelyne Icamen - EOD/Training
Information Systems
Jarris-Ali Ruiz
Research & Development
EH&S Area Representatives
E. Bacalso - Device Software
E. Lim - Device Applications
W. Gomez - Paper I/O Devices
R. Carulasan - SFP/MFP
C. Redoble - EE &HW Controller
KR Cruz - Firmware Dev't
N. Bautista - Firmware Dev't
R. Abao - Firmware Test
MH Rodriguez - XD & Material
M. Caputolan - Supply Chain
V. Venezuela - Cartridge HW
H. Castro - PPQA
N. Togonon - LSU
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