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Team Alpha - Thomas Green case study

by Ethan Andis, Kayla Kolb, Miranda Price & Keith Schmidt

Keith Schmidt

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of Team Alpha - Thomas Green case study

Team Alpha Ethan Andis
Kayla Kolb
Miranda Price
Keith Schmidt Green, Thomas Dynamic Displays Provider of Self-Service Kiosks
to various industries Subjects Shannon McDonald Division Vice-President Hired based on personal preference Disregarded Organizational Hierarchy Frank Davis 17-year veteran of Dynamic Displays Recently vacated Green's current position Expected to choose his own replacement Thomas Green Less than a year with Dynamic Displays Prematurely promoted "out-of-turn" Nearly half the age of his new peers No previous managerial experience ATMs Airport Check-In Kiosks Car Rental Check-In Hotel Kiosk Check-In Fundamental Problem Hiring process at Dynamic Displays Initial meeting with Green and McDonald Green hired Frank Davis' position in the hiring process "In-Depth Analysis" Green's previous experience and position Bypassed Marketing Specialist position Hired due to "likeability" McDonald acknowledged Green was inexperienced and unwanted (by Davis) In-Depth Analysis
(cont.) Green refuses to listen to Davis' complaints Davis' use of leader-member relations Green's rejection of Davis Communication breakdown In-Depth Analysis
(cont.) Re-evaluation of hiring and promotion process Open sharing of information Utilize participative decision making Select future hires based on positive core self-evaluations Final Recommendation Shannon McDonald out-of-protocol promotion should be addressed Davis' animosity toward Green Green's communication issues Team Alpha
Thomas Green Case Study http://prezi.com/8regtievthca/team-alpha-thomas-green-case-study/ Q & A
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