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Thank You, M'am

No description

rami assadi

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of Thank You, M'am

By, Rami Assadi.
Thank You, M'am
Their was a large women with a large purse. The women carried it across her shoulder. It was about eleven o'clock at night and she was walking alone.
Summary part 1
All of a sudden, a boy ran up behind the women and tried to snatch he purse. Since the purse was very large and heavy, the weight of the purse and the boy combined caused him to lose balance, the boy fell on his back on the sidewalk.
Summary part 2
The large women simply turned around and kicked him right square in his blue-jeaned sitter. The large women picked up the boy and shook him.
Summary part 3
After the women told the boy to pick up her pocketbook, the boy picked it up and gave it to her. The women asked the boy why do such a thing? But the boy lied and said " I didn't aim to." People stopped and stared and some turned to look.
Summary Part 4
Summary part 5
The women would only let him loose if he didn't make a run for it, but unfortunately the boy would, so she didn't turn him loose. The boy apologized to the women but the women ignored it and noticed dirt on his face and wanted to get him all cleaned up.
Summary part 6
The boy had no one at home to tell him what to do or get him cleaned up. The women grabbed him and dragged the frightened boy behind her. The women asked if he was hungry? The women took the boy to her house and treated him.
Summary part 7
At this point the women and the boy were starting to know each other, the women told the boy her name is: Mrs.Luella Bates Washington Jones, and the boy told the Mrs. Luella that his name is: Roger. The women let the water run until it gets warm and gave Roger a towel to get all cleaned up.
Summary Part 8
Roger thought he was going to jail. But Mrs. Luella treats him with food as the Mrs. Luella makes sweet milk, cocoa out of canned milk, and Mrs. Luella heated some lima beans and him she had in her icebox . Roger told Mrs. Luella that the only he tried snatching her pocketbook was to only get a new pair of blue suede shoes.
Summary part 9
Mrs. Luella then talked some sense into Roger about what hes done. Finally Mrs. Luella gave Roger ten dollars to buy a new pair of blue suede shoes and escorted him to door told him goodnight and to behave himself, Roger wanted to thank Mr. Luella But Mrs. Luella shut the door so fast that he didn't get the chance to say Thank you m'am.
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