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Life in Ancient Greece

The ancient Greeks honored manuy gods and developed their own literature.

Darla Riddle

on 19 June 2011

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Transcript of Life in Ancient Greece

Life in Ancient Greece
The ancient Greeks honored many gods and developed their own literature.
Polytheism-belief in many gods.
Greek gods had no animal parts, they
looked like humans but were more
powerful and beautiful then any human.
Greek gods were involved
in people's lives. Greeks loved
to tell stories about them.
The gods were noble and wise, but could
also be cruel or selfish!
Gods had emotions like love, anger and jealousy.
Greek gods constantly competed against one and onthe
Zeus was the ruler of
the gods.
He and 11 other gods
lived on Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece.
There were many other
lesser gods that the greeks worshiped.
Each city had a particular
god to protect it.
Myths- stories that people tell
to explain beliefs about their world. They
generally start as oral stories but are eventually
written down.
Greeks developed myths to explain the creaetion
of the world and human beings.
One myth tells of Pandora, the first woman on the earth.
Zeus gave her a sealed jar, but told her not to open it. Despite the warnign, she opened the jar, releasing sickness, greed, and all the other evils
about earth. One spirit remained in the jar: hope!
Many myths protrayed Greek heroes and heroines.
Greeks believed it was important to honor the gods. An angry god could cause trouble for them.
Greeks created statues
of the gods and built temples as
places for the gods to live.
There were certain days of the month that were holy to different gods and goddesses.
The most important festivals honored the 12 Olympian gods.
Olympics were games were held every four years as a festivalt hat honored Zeus. They took place in a stadium built in the city of Olympia. Only men competed in these games.
The oldest records of winners
date back to 776 B.C. However,
the games could have been going on
for centuries before that.
The firest Olympics only included
a foot race, ub oever tiem loner races and other events, such as
the javelin throw and discus throw were added.
The games tested skills that were
valuable to soldiers.
A festival to honor the goddess Hera, the wife of Zeus, was held at
the same time as the Olympics. Unmarried girls competed in foot races. The races, held for three different age groups, took place in the Olympic stadium.
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