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The Hunger Games Lesson 1

No description

Katherine Rickson

on 29 January 2018

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Transcript of The Hunger Games Lesson 1

Exit Slip
Look at the pictures of dystopias. Write a definition of what you think a dystopia is in your books.
Look at the pictures of a utopia. Write a definition for utopia in your books.
(2 mins)
Do you think these famous films are set in utopias or dystopias? Why?
Can you think of any other examples?
(4 mins)
Create your own dystopian society.
Finding out the features of a dystopian novel.
In your teams nominate:
1 runner
2 readers
1 writer.
Learning Objectives
an imaginary often desolate place where people are unhappy and usually afraid because they are not treated fairly
To understand what a dystopia and utopia is.
Write down everything this image makes you think of.
Mindmap the main features of a dystopian world.

Tip: Think about the examples of dystopias we have already looked at - what do they all have in common?
Why is the world in this film a dystopia?
There are lots of films and books that are set in dystopias.
Creating your own dystopia...
TASK: Use the question to create the foundations of your world...
What does it look like? Describe the scenery.
Who is the leader? What is his name? What is he like?
What is life like there?
Do the people have to wear uniforms? What are they like?
How are the people controlled? (violence, advertising, robots, fear?)
What rules do they have to live by?
What happens if someone rebels?
How are the people treated unfairly?
Why are the people unhappy – what is the big ‘problem’?
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