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Instructional Design Team @ FCS

No description

monica yatsyla

on 2 August 2016

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Transcript of Instructional Design Team @ FCS

Partner with faculty to improve the quality of teaching & learning
Learning Management Support
Faculty Development Initiatives
Provide concierge service
to over 1100 faculty members

FCS offers 22 individual workshops throughout the academic year
Shiny Projects
Faculty Research Projects

Cold Spring Harbor Turtle surveillance with Russell Burke (Bio)
EdTech Showcase
featuring Oculus Rift, adaptive learning software, new tablets
Faculty Computing Services

Since 2002
Customer focused support

60% adoption rate
80% live courses
Big Ideas
Classroom Experience
Providing emergency in class support to
203 classrooms

Create a predictable, consistent
classroom experience through
a uniform, simple control system.

Current HE Plug-ins
- instructional design team -
Popular Blackboard tools
What's new?

mpowering faculty members to experiment with innovative practices
incubator for new tools
and best practices
Boot Camp
+ Content Management System
+ Community Engagement
+ Collaborate
+ Ultra
+ Discussion Boards
+ Grade Center
+ Tracking Content Views
+ Assessments
Key role in
Designing second
Active Learning classroom
within the Biology department
Service Catalog
Respond to 800+ unique faculty contacts in AY 2014-15, ranging from Blackboard, classroom (hardware & software) training, multimedia support, survey development, and personalized content consultation.
Learning Support
Partner with Learning Support to assist faculty with complex classroom and curriculum projects.
Distance Learning workshop
offered 6 times throughout the year

Across all Schools

4 Online masters - 1 in ZSob, 2 in SoE, 1 in SEAS
3 Online graduate certificates all in SoE
3 Hybrid masters - 1 in LHSoC, SoE, SEAS
4 Hybrid graduate certificates in SoE
dependable resource for individual faculty learning and curriculum development
Faculty Research Projects

3D Printing consultation on re-creating historic instruments - course on ancient instruments
iPad learning initiative
for student learning
Teaching TidBits
with Peter Daniel
Immersion Learning Lab
fall '15
spring '15
fall '14
Digital Humanities Resource Center
Hybrid Teaching workshop
offered 5 times throughout the year
55 faculty have participated in 2014-15
32 faculty have participated in 2014-15
"Classroom in a Bowl"
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