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Commercial Analysis

No description

Kristina Vasquez

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Commercial Analysis

Commercial Analysis
Our Company Products
The Coca cola company
Coca Cola
Coca cola
People make the right choices. That is why they choose Coca Cola. This is to make you believe that choosing Coca Cola is the right choice.
Coca Cola is a really big company. It would then be said that they are really good at their job of making sodas and them being good. It would than be said that their sodas must be good, or in this case, the good choice.
Their Coke Zero is a good product because it has great taste and it has zero calories. The original Coca Cola has caffeine in it so you can stay awake and feel refreshed at the same time. Both of these products can help you get through the day and lose weight at the same time.
Fanta is a juice based carbonated drink. It is also made with real fruit juice. That means we are getting real fruit nutrients we need by drinking this product. It also has caffeine in it to help us stay awake. So you get more energy and real fruit vitamins for this one carbonated drink.
The commercial said that Fanta was coming back. This must mean that it was good enough for it to came back. Then again, it was also made by Coca Cola, their expirience and popularity of making carbonated drinks is known. So it must mean that this drink is also pretty good.
Fanta is a great product for hot and dry days. It helps refresh yourself and it has great flavor. Plus some attractive famous girls said it was great.
Dr. Pepper
Dr Pepper can turn you into a strong and amazing man. It would help you do amazing things for work and other things during the day.
Dr Pepper is another famous product of the Coca Cola company. They spent several years making it and improving it to make the taste better. Their experience making and perfecting this soda would mean that Dr Pepper is pretty good.
The Dr Pepper with ten calories should help with anyone's diet. Dr Pepper can also contain caffeine so it would help anyone stay awake. This drink would help you stay awake and watch your diet.
Our Commercial
Coke Zero is one of the newer Coca Cola products. It presents it self to make it seem healthier (due to the zero calories) then the normal soda products and yet still made to taste good.
Drinking coke zero will maker you happy and build your self esteem.
Coke Zero can help with weight loss if you are counting the calories. Plus it helps cool you down on a hot day! :)
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