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Miriam Taza

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of TED

Miriam Taza We will have justice! United States criminal justice system A huge mass of incarceration changes the world. It causes the people living in that environment to feel despair and hopelessness.
In urban communities such as Washington, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, 50-60% of all young men of color are in jail or in prison, probation or on death row.
In this country, they treat you better if you're rich and guilty than poor and innocent. The truth is, this seems not to bother anyone. People put these injustices aside and focus on smaller, less important problems. Problems which only affect one being, and not the nation. People are too distracted. Children injustice Children are considered as adults by the age of 13 in the justice system. They are judged like an adult. Once a teenager, they can be imprisoned for the rest of their life or even receive a death sentence. Power of identity Having a strong and powerful identity can cause people to do and say things they never thought they would

Things that don't make sense to them
Things they never thought they could achieve

You'll achieve much more in what you're doing if you put your heart into it. You'll be more successful if you have a strong belief in it, persevere, and push do people deserve to die because of a crime? do we deserve to kill? or People aren't just bad. A person is not just a liar, thief, murderer etc. There's always more to a person. Killing someone for a crime is wrong. We are not respecting the humanity that they still have in them, whether it's a bit or a lot. A person shouldn't die for what they did wrong. Being imprisoned, fairly, without judging them because of race, will give them time to realize by themselves what they have done wrong. To find a new identity. Giving them a chance to grow their humanity and then dying on their own time, after having self improved. Let's open our eyes! People love and focus so much on innovation, creativity, technology, and entertainment. However, we forget all the suffering, abuse and injustice that's all around us. In fact, we shouldn't do this, we should be able to look at both and change the negative. Once we accept the existence of such negative aspects in our society, we will want to change things. People who have been mistreated will have hope. We will be dedicated to change things. People who have no hope, need an orientation of the spirit, they need to feel hope again. The truth is we will never be fully human until we pay attention to the wrongs, to suffering, to poverty and injustice that surrounds us.
Indeed it will be a challenge to make a change, to open everyone's eyes, but we need to be very brave and courageous. To keep our eyes on the goal and persevere. How will we be judge? A country or population is not only judged by its inventions, development, technology or design, but judged by the character of its society, how they treat the poor, the disadvantaged and condemned. The goal is to help the victimized
much more. Or
else, we are not helping anyone.

Everyone looses.
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