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No description

Chris Brewer

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Blood

Case Study
Christopher Brewer
Two patients were brought to the hospital after a tragic car accident.
Doctor is demanding uncross matched blood ASAP!
Information on patients:
Patient #1
Which blood type should she receive?
Patient #2
Which blood type should he receive?
The patient has a severe reaction to the O- blood transfusion.
(unable to have babies)
How was the Bombay?
A little rare
Testing the patient's blood reveals that he is O-
Patient has a Bombay blood type!
Why O- ?
Childbearing age
What would cause an O- patient to have a reaction with an O- blood unit(s)?
What antibodies would make this patient a Bombay?
Does not contain a panel
extra credit pending
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