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The Diary of Anne Frank

No description

Katy Norfleet

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of The Diary of Anne Frank

The Diary of Anne Frank
The Historical Spider Theatre Company
The mission of the Historical Spider Theatre Company is to merge history into modern theatre and to ensure that the stories of those that came before us are never forgotten.
List of Possible play selections
Analysis of Diary
of Anne Frank

Funding Sources
Apply for grants:
Endowment for the Arts Grants for Arts Project
American Express Cultural Heritage Project
Bank of America Grant
MetLife Foundation
Playwright research
Anne Frank:
Maintained her diary from 1942-1944
Otto Frank
Selected passages from Anne's diary to be released
Goodrich and Hackett
Husband/Wife who won a Pulitzer Prize for
The Diary of Anne Frank

Between the Sheets Pronoun
The Lion King Mamma Mia
Character Analysis
Technical Design
Production Concept
Anne Frank
Otto Frank
Mrs. Edith Frank
Margot Frank
Mr. Van Daan
Mrs. Petronella Van Daan
Miep Gies
Mr. Kraler
Mr. Jan Dussel
Thoroughly Modern Millie
West Side Story
Look for support from
Aushwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum
United States Holocaust Museum
Anne Frank House
Office of the Historian- U.S. Department of State
Ticket Sales
Monte Cristo
Snow Angel
Pride and Prejudice
Well-known story capturing the innermost thoughts of 13 year old Anne Frank during the Holocaust
Jews v. Nazis
Anne v. Mrs. Frank
Anne v. self
Serious subject matter
Story told in linear fashion with several time jumps
As Otto Frank said “It is not a Jewish book. So do not make a Jewish play out of it”. We want to focus on awareness of historical events and to raise awareness of the dangers of anti-Semitism, racism and discrimination and the importance of freedom, equal rights and democracy.
Protagonist: Anne Frank
Main Conflict: Nazi Germans, Secondary Conflict: Mrs. Frank

Objectives: understand the severity of the situation, deal with sacrifices, attempt to live a relatively normal life
Early 1940's
The Holocaust took place in the WWII
The plot takes place in Amsterdam
Frank Family went into hiding above a store shop
Conflicts within each family over time
Development of relationship between Anne and Peter
Isolation: Franks and van Daans feel cut off from outside world
Hailee Steinfield
as Anne Frank
Family: Otto Frank works to keep everyone together and keep morale high
Sean Penn
as Otto Frank
Mortality: The play takes place during a time when all the characters' lives are in danger.
Unity/ Adversity: Two families come together during troubling times
Jennifer Grey
as Edith Frank
Application to Today
Sarah Hyland
as Margot Frank
Modern Wars
Family Dynamics
Ben Affleck
as Mr. Van Daan
Kate Winslet
as Mrs. Van Daan
Children address adults formally "Mr. and Mrs."
Husbands and wives use endearing terms
Ex: Mr. van Daan calls his wife "Kerli"
Infrequent use of German phrases
Emotional thoughts while Anne reflects in her diary
Ellie Kendrick
as Miep Gies
Logan Lerman
as Peter
Action takes place in the Annex, the attic of Mr. Frank's former office building
Stage will be separated into the tiny rooms of the Annex: kitchen/family room, four bedrooms, and a lavatory
Lighting is dimmed as curtains are constantly covering the windows
Set Design
Costume/Makeup Design
Lighting Design
Sound Design
Johnny Depp
as Mr. Dussel
Actors never break the fourth wall
Leonardo Dicaprio
as Mr. Kraler
Traditional straight play, no accompanying songs or musical numbers
No microphones necessary; production will be in an intimate theater
Special Noises:
Church bells
Distant banging when office is broken into
Straight Makeup
Natural look
Costume Design
South Pacific
Les Miserables
The Best Woman
Spinning into Butter
Hope Dorsi, Katherine Norfleet,
Georgina Pons & Garrett Lanigan

Each scene will showcase the dark, ominous mood of the historical time
Single Lamp that will fade as play evolves to symbolizes Anne's dieing hope
Motivated Light Sources
Curtains are constantly closed
Few wall sconces offer light
Desk Lamps
Non-motivated Lighting
illuminate downstage from above to cast shadows upstage and perpetuate menacing mood
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