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Warm Up

No description

Elizabeth Brathwaite

on 24 January 2018

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Transcript of Warm Up

Warm Up
List the subject pronouns
List the object pronouns.
Let's start with the quiz.
You have 20 minutes.
Let's finish pronouns following as and than
Now, let's talk possessive pronouns.
They show possession and replace possessive nouns.

The shoes are Lindsey's.
The shoes are hers.
The change to indicate person, number, and gender. They DO NOT use apostrophes.
They can act as subjects, subject complements, and direct objects.
What is the function of I and we in the sentences below?
The captain of the team is I.
The winners of the science fair are we.
The books are mine.
The prizes are ours.
mine and ours are SCs

His is the best drawing.
Mine is the blue car.
His and mine are subjects

It's lunch time. Your mom made yours.
The boys bought theirs.
Yours and theirs are DOs

Possessive adjectives look like possessive pronouns, but they come before the item being owned
hair is long.
nails were trimmed today.

The noun being owned will ALWAYS be named when the sentence has a possessive adjective.
Is the pronoun in each of the following sentences a possessive pronoun or possessive adjective?
1. The art department was organizing its annual art show.
2. Entrants could submit any kind of artwork; the choice of medium was theirs.
3. Even our teachers could enter the show.
4. The giant watercolor painting is mine.
5. Hers was the clay sculpture in the back.
6. The judge loved hers the most.
7. Our art was great!
Rewrite the following sentences so the errors with the possessive pronouns and adjectives are corrected.
1. A panel of students and teachers is judging the prizewinners. That difficult decision is their's.
2. Everyone was impressed by Jill's painting. So no one was surprised when the top prize became hers'.
3. The eighth grade teacher's pencil portrait of hers mother earned her a special prize.
4. The pieces of artwork from the show now hang throughout the school. Ours' are in the library.
Now, let's talk about the central idea of "When I was Puerto Rican"
Now, it's your job to complete the content analysis for this story.
Study for vocab 4-6 test for Thursday.
Ch 7 vocab due Friday, quiz Monday.
Possessive pronoun and pronouns after as and than ws
Finsh 1-15 of content questions
Grace is as athletic as...
The coach gave....more tips than me.
Insert the appropriate pronouns
1. What is this story about?
2. Who are the main people?
3. Why is Santiago telling her story?
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