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Snacks for a Fat Planet

No description

Jacob Kuo

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Snacks for a Fat Planet

Jacob Kuo and Mariah Bishop Snacks for a Fat Planet Thesis Today, snacks consist of unhealthy sugars, fats, and calories which are causing the rate of obesity in the United States to increase drastically; not only does obesity affects people's overall health, it also affects our society and our environment. Snacks for a Fat Planet The New Yorker article, "Snacks for a Fat Planet," was written on May 16, 2011 by John Seabrook. This article provided information for this presentation and articulated how unhealthy drinks and snacks has lead to the high obesity rates in America. Nestle Nestle Co. attempted to provide healthier food and drinks to treat for people with health issues. The project was called Nestle Nurtition. They believe this project is more effective than medications. Nestle created Boost Shakes to treat patients with Alzheimers disease and gum to help kidney-diseased patients. Nestle is tenaciously working in order to create healthier food options. Top 20 countries in obesity rate ("Obesity rates are defined as the percentage of the population with a Body Mass Index (BMI) over 30") Economics Social Environment -Lower mortality rate in the entire country

-Obese individuals get shunned from society (which is ironic because the media promotes unhealthy snacks)

-Causes Diabetes, Cancer, strokes, high blood pressure, and other types of sicknesses -Fast food outlets are one of the primary sources of urban litter.

-Less than 35% of fast food wastes are diverted from landfills

-We live within a "food environment", where physical/social environments influence what we eat (Ex: advertisements, billboards, restaurant signs) Snacks for a Fat Planet Pepsi is the second largest food and drink company in the world. Many sweet and fatty foods are addictive to the American population and cause heart disease and other majorly effective health problems. In addition, obesity has drastically increased since a few decades ago. In 2008, the factors of obesity has cost hundreds of millions of dollars in health care. As well, death has heavily increased. Nooyi the CEO of the Pepsi company wants to change their typical foods and add healthier food options. Environment

-Unhealthy snacks decreases GDP and our standard of living.

-People are forced to seek for health care and medicare. Time, money, and resources are used up in order to help them

-Diabetes, Cancer, strokes, and high blood pressures all require money/resources for treatment. Economics Citation Seabrook, John. "Snacks For a Fat Planet." The New Yorker n.d.: 54-71. Print.

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