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Newton's Law of Cooling

9th Grade Physics Project 2013, by Cameron K and Ethan G

Cameron King

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Newton's Law of Cooling

Newton is also known for: The Law of Cooling:
Rate of Change of Temp. = Difference of initial temp./ temp of environment Sir Isaac
1642-1727 Newton's Law of Cooling By Cameron and Ethan the law of universal g n o t a t i v a r i Everyone knows the story with the apple falling on his head Helio-Centric World Theory
Revolution/Rotation of the Moon Take a
Hot Shower? Would you rather: Can you apply Newton's Law? the theory explains... CSI, CRIMINAL MINDS, LAW AND ORDER Forensics. Any Questions? T (t) = Te + (T0 − Te ) e - kt, initial temperature of the object temperature of the object at time "t" See it's not that confusing! DEMO TIME!!! dT/dt = -k(T- T0) constant temperature of the environment constant temperature of the environment constant that depends on the material properties of the object. TIME
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