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little entrepreneurs

No description

Anuja Jadhav

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of little entrepreneurs

Financial Estimates Marketing Strategy About the game 43% of British children do not know how to tie their shoe laces 58% of British children know how to use an iPad 48% of children aged 6 to 12 say they want iPads as presents Why do children need to learn about entrepreneurship ? This ipad game is a business simulation for children between 6-12, which aims to teach them about the basic concepts of entrepreneurship through engaging and fun scenarios. Encourage and develop Imagination Live out of the box; not in it Take the lead in your own life Be able to make decisions Combine multiple disciplines Game play Bakery Cafe Be a Team Player Then, choose from 3 scenarios Foster independent thinking Dealing with Failure Toy Cars Burger Parlour First, choose your character Game Play Key features • Start with initial capital 2,000 coins

•Level 1: 10 minutes corresponds to 1 day

•Challenge for level 1: 10 products to sell in 1 day

•When the player reaches the 20th level, he/she has unlocked all the extras and can continuously improve his/her shops with the extras available

•When the player feels like he/she has explored all the different features of this theme, he/she can always start again with a new scenario

•If he/she has played the three available scenarios, further themes are available to be purchased. About 2023 primary schools in London, educating just around 1.25 million pupils (education.gov) and around 4.2 million pupils in the UK aged between 6 and 12. Initial contact with primary schools will be outsourced (SprintMail)

Presentation and Demo at interested schools

Promotions during parent-teacher meetings

Colouring competition for kids to promote - Winner gets free app

Promotion using attractive colourful flyers Promote on parenting and educational blogs


Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs...)

Games/app review websites

Price discounts for a certain time frame Game Concept No winning or losing in the game
Positive aspects of failure When a level is failed, the player is rewarded with a "star" for experience and then retake the level

The game can be played indefinitely until the player can move his/her business to bigger premises or open more shops Cost Structure Revenue Streams "I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work"
Thomas Edison £3.99 game price (30% Apple share) £0.69 price of new theme Licensing to schools to include in curriculum (Similar to SimVenture in CASS) Launching Soon... Thank You!!! To Grow Big, Start Little £30,000 for Game Development £20,000 for Initial Marketing Alexie, Anuja, Camille, Duc, Larisa, Rubaina http://littleentrepreneurs.weebly.com/ Website and Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/littlentrepreneurs Target IOS platform initially Game Platforms Expand to Android and Windows phones 50% IOS users download paid apps
21% Android users purchase paid apps Break-even point Estimated break-even point about 14,500 apps, sold in the first 18 months Maintenance & Development cost 800 apps/month Assuming that one theme will be sold per app Main cost estimation Revenue Streams No Fees (for Marketing, Credit Cards, Hosting...)
We get to choose the price
Receive monthly payments No premises cost
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