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Training Methods and Target Zones. GCSE PE Revision

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James Tobin

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Training Methods and Target Zones. GCSE PE Revision

Training methods & target zones. This lesson's learning objectives are: You will be able to explain the main components of a training session.
You will be able to indentify the correct training method with it's benefits.
You will be able to explain why HR changes during exercise and recovery. What are the most common four stages to a training session? The letters below give a clue....

S -
C - There are SIX main types of training you need to know about.

Can you name them? Interval
Altitude Can you give an example of how someone might use each of these training styles in a particular sport. Interval Training Continuous Fartlek Circuit Weight Altitude Plan a training session for: An athlete wanting to improve their time in covering 1500m.

An athlete wanting to improve their speed for football/rugby. Link methods of training to specific physical activities based on the associated health-related exercise and skill-related fitness requirements. What does this mean??? Sprint training will have very limited impact on the strength of your legs.

Why? Your training should fit your target.... Lifting heavy weights will give you strength and muscle mass. Is this a good idea if you are training for the London marathon? Why? Doing circuit training will help keep my general level of fitness up and lose some fat. Yes/No? Why? Plan an effective warm up.... A soccer player. A swimmer. A sprinter A javelin thrower Why are they different? We need to know about our heart rate (HR). How do we estimate our MHR? How can we work out our training zone?

What is YOUR HR training zone if you were aiming to work at 60-80%? What is What is your resting HR? Take it now. You need to know about your recovery rate. What is it?

How do we record it? How can we positively effect our recovery HR? EXAM Question: When training, how can you use your HR to ensure your training is effective? Give an example in your answer. Complete the worksheets.
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