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financial planning

No description

Ronaldo Rapadas

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of financial planning

Our Mission "To be the pre-eminent leader in protection and wealth management.” "To help Filipinos achieve financial security.” OUR VISION P 10,000,000. PERSONAL FINANCIAL PLANNING OALS OUT OF 100 FILIPINO RETIREES AGE 65 2 ARE FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT 45 ARE DEPENDENT ON THEIR RELATIVES 30 RELY ON CHARITY 22 CONTINUE TO WORK food budget:
365 days
x 2 persons
x 15 years
x 3 meals
= 32,850 meals
x 50 / meal 1,642,000. INFLATION Only 1 out of 10 children finishes college 1 in every 4 youth is out of school due to the high cost of education Tuition Fee Projections Per Year plan ? People`s behavior on money 5 steps in making your plan:
1. Identify your goals
2. Monetize your financial goals
3. Know where you are and your options
4. Prepare and implement a plan ... NOW!
5. Re-evaluate plan as needed. How ten pesos can grow to 10 Million How various amount will grow to 10 Million STILL PROCRASTINATING?
If you’re 20, may 40 years ka pa
When you’re 30, you have a house and car to pay, and maybe a family to feed
When you’re 40, you make more money but your kids are in college
When you’re 50, you want to assist your older kids in setting up,
and you are helping your aging parents
And then you hit 65 .... and you wished you started 40 years ago! 3 points to ponder:

1. it is not the obligation of the employer to make you rich.

2. At any income level, anyone can become financially independent.

3. our ability to save has nothing to do with the size of our income. It is our discipline to save.
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