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The Endangered Giant Panda

They are endangered

Lexie Gross

on 18 May 2011

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Transcript of The Endangered Giant Panda

The Giant Panda
Ailuropoda Melanoleuca Lexie Gross
May 16th HABITAT They live in montane forests with dense stands of bamboo. They also live in the mountains in southwest China and in central China temperate forests. POPULATION There are about
1,600 left in the
wild,and nearly
300 live in zoos. *For thousands of years they have been declining because they have been killed by hunters and climate changes. WHY ARE THEY ENDANGERED? *The greatest threat is degradation of it's habitat. The trees are cut down for farming land and their vegetation is used for fuel. *Poaching used to be
a huge issue but now it not as bad as it used to be. Why is it important to save
the Giant Panda? The Giant pandas help by spreading seeds and facilitating growth in vegetation. Also to keep other species alive the panda would have to be there for other animals. What can we do
to help save the
Giant Panda? They are trying to
make more reserves
for the pandas and they
already have 12 just for pandas.
If we make more reserves the pandas
will stay safe from their predators and hunters. 3 interesting facts! 1. Pandas spend around 10 to 12 hours a day eating food like bamboo. 2. The average panda weighs 154-275 pounds. 3. The Giant Panda does not hibernate. References http://www.animalinfo.org/species/carnivore/ailumela.htm http://www.slack.net/~rd/wanglang/panda_facts.htm Giantpandafacts_Nationalzoo|FONZ http://m.panda.org http://www.thewildones.org/animals/panda.html sciencedaily.com greenpacks.org nationalzoo.si.edu dailymail.co.uk
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