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Invention Of The Wheel

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Hasan Al-Saif

on 25 April 2017

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Transcript of Invention Of The Wheel

Wheels invention
How did it help society
1. Wheels have changed the way of transportation.
2. Wheels have made machines easier to produce.
3. Wheels is the best way for exercising your legs by riding a bicycle .
4. You can ride vehicles and that is by the wheel.

1. People will be lazy to walk and they will use a machine with wheels like a car.
2. Wheels can easily burn by fire.
3. Wheels that have rubber ,can make a horrible smell if its caused by friction.
4. Wheels can be dangerous because it can easily exhale air with a little pinned hole.
The Evolution of the wheel
Most machines uses the wheels in our modern world.

If you realized this musical disc is also a wheel.

Check the wheels in this device.
1. A transportation tool with clay 5000 years ago was the used in mesoptomia.

2. 1500 years later the spoke evolution which used the wheel for carts. .

3. automobile wheels (steel wheel) starting with Karl Benz's 1885 Benz Patent Motorwagen.

4. The researchers agreed that 3500 B.C. is the year when the wheel was invented.

Pros and Cons
1. The wheel changed the whole idea of transportation.
2. The wheel changed the whole industry because the wheel is now involved in every machine.
3. Most recent technologies are made with wheels or they use the wheels.
4. The wheel helped people to watch racing vehicles, by entertaining people.
1. The first iron rims around the wheel was made in 1000 B.C.

2. G.F. Bauer registered a atent for the first wire tension spoke.
3. The spoke is a wire which secured the rim of the wheel of both sides.
4. It took 1,500 years for the next step for the wheel evolution, which was using rubber.
5.There is a wheel called the Tweel , it returns to the first designs by using a non-pneumatic solution, which means filled with gas.

6.The Active Wheel System houses the engine, the suspension, the gearbox and the transmission shaft.
7. Later on they used the wheels in machines which for making their swords and knife. Later they connected to of the wheels to move another
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