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Review current affairs affecting public services

No description

Ria Banks

on 11 May 2014

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Transcript of Review current affairs affecting public services

Review current affairs affecting public services
Fact v Fiction
The media often portray the Public services in a different way to how it really is in real life situation

Can you think of any examples?
What impression do these portrayals suggest about the work of the Public Services?
The media is seen to have a duty to report on the factual aspects of the public services, such as:
coverage of the G20 riots
The London riots
Coverage of incidents involving the British armed forces
Coverage of incidents involving the Police, such as the shooting of Jean Charles Menendez
Case study
Read the case study and answer the question.
Assignment 4
For p6 you will need to pick two case studies and look at the positive and negative affects of each and the affects these have on perception.
The Bill
Bad Girls
London's Burning
The crime is always solved and the criminal always caught and sent to prison.
There is normally a romance and
Everyone is 'good looking'

What effect can this have on potential recruits?
However, the chances of catching the criminal is quite low and a lot of public service work is very routine.
It can give a very distorted view as they think that catching the bad guy, rescuing the person in distress and solving the crime is a part of typical day.
Case study
Watch the clip, read the case study and answer the question. Be prepared to feed back to the class
Factual entertainment
The media also show factual programmes about the lives and work of the public services
Traffic cops
Ross Kemp in Afghanistan
Emergency Bikers
24 hours in A&E
Realistic portrayal
Even thou these programmes show a more realistic view, they still concentrate on the 'exciting' operational aspects. Rather than showing the more routine aspects of service such as paperwork. This again portray a distorted veiw.
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