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To Bella from Edward

No description

Caitlin Gorse

on 7 September 2010

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Transcript of To Bella from Edward

If ever you're to become a vampire, then we'd be together forever If ever you knew how much I love you, then you'd know I'd never want to lose you, never. If ever you realized that I love you like the air you breathe, then you'd know why I also don't want you to become a vampire Compare it to being burnt in a fire. I prize thy will to sacrifice yourself to me Or how sure you are that we are meant to be. My love for you is inevitable as is my need for blood, Nor will either ever cease to end, but my heart for you will always thud. Thy heart is pure as is your soul, Without you my chest is a lonely hole. Then while you're away, I ache for you as if it were a sin That when I see you once more, it's like I was born again. To Bella from Edward By: Caitlin Gorse and Gabriele Canavan
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