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my career by phoenix vigliotti

No description

phoenix vigliotti

on 10 December 2015

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Transcript of my career by phoenix vigliotti

professional surfers do what most civilians dream of doing, they surf for a living
they also travel the world competing in some of the most remote, and dangerous surf spots of the world.
a surfer works most of the year
what you need
what you make
the average is just above 60,000 dollars annually
entry level makes 100,00 to 200,000 dollars
experienced surfers can make upwards of 300'000
prize money averages out at 500,00 alone
more than the state of Florida's average salary in other professions
other options

can get into acting
become a surf coach
join a large surf company
become a sales rep
shape boards
the most evolving sport
Mic Fanings shark attack
number of non professional competitions
fcs 2
back pad
better wax
higher airs
lighter boards
while many surfers have high school graduation only, a few surfers are know to have a different education background.
Carissa More asp world champion
Kelly Slater 11 time world champion
my career by phoenix vigliotti
what they do
in order to be a pro surfer you mainly need to be..
hard working
mindful of the road ahead
open minded
there is a limited number of job openings so you have to compete all the time.
pro surfer
Kelly Slater is the oldest pro-surfer
18-50 years old
have to stay in shape/work out
always have to eat right
can't be an addict or alcoholic
"as a pro athlete, you are
always looking for that edge."-Kelly Slater
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