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Speech Community Theory

A presentation on the communication theory by Hymes and Tannen

Karla C

on 1 September 2010

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Transcript of Speech Community Theory

Speech What it is... exists when a group of people understands goals and styles of communication in ways not shared by people outside of the group (Labov, 1972) Community Shared language use
Frequency of interaction
Shared rules of speaking and interpretations
Shared attitudes and values regarding language forms and language use
Shared socio-cultural understandings and assumptions
(Saville-Troike, 1982)
a social entity, and not necessarily a lingustic one, that shares knowledge of rules for the conduct and interpretation of speech (Hymes, 1974) What it's about... Origin Culture perceptions, verbal and thought
processes, how we derive meaning from words, and how we use communication Communication and culture "Communication creates culture and culture shapes the way we communicate." -explains that culture, or more specifically, social groups, shapes how we communicate and interpret the communication of others.
"Discourse communities"
(Suzanne Langer)
Language is the key to cultural life
Collective life through a common symbol system
Dell Hymes
Deborah Tannen regular patterns in how communication is used and interpreted, and what its uses are understood to be within a group socially constructed, not predetermined communication
rules Evaluation scope testability parsimony utility heurism specific (focused on groups)
concerns anthropology, linguistics, sociology
based on the definition and conditions for a speech community, the theory can be tested [proven by a number of studies]
easy to understand--Just understand what a speech community is.
social interaction and misunderstandings that surface in communication between people of different groups
based on its scope, it has proven to be useful [sociolinguistics, etc.]
paved the way for more studies about the speech community and the interaction of men and women: a study on masculine and feminine speech communities (Maltz & Borker, 1982 to Wood & Inman, 1993) and a study on communicative tensions between men and women (Beck, 1988 to Taylor and Conrad, 1992).
Karla Patricia Cristobal | Speech 100
Theory "Communication is understandable within the cultural frameworks
that identify the rules, meanings, and uses of communication" African-Americans Men and women "Won't nobody do nothin' about that." "You just don't understand."
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