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Billy Mays

No description

Reagan Rewalt

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Billy Mays

billy mays
Billy Mays
This is my Asian nose
my black hair
My dad is kim chang un
Oxi Clean
This is my A

I'm Catholic

The Americas 9is the country that we live in. In 1492 Christopher Coulumbous came here to get to china riches and spices. The people that live here were called Natives Americans Christopher came out with swords and said this is my land, and theNatives said you can use it but not really own.


Slaves are people that their skin is colerd and other people that are white think slaves should work for them and wont give them a award. Slaves stay in little cages and then the next morning
They work. They
Do that for the
Rest of their lives.


By Reagan Rewalt

The Three Worlds Meet
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