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Should Student Athletes on the honor roll to play games?

No description

Leonor Rodriguez

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Should Student Athletes on the honor roll to play games?

Competition *In every sport anyone is involved in there will be competition.
*Only about 2 percent (130,00 people)- 8 percent of athletes get a full or partial scholarship.
* They will only pick the best and that is a lot to risk. By: Leonor Rodriguez Should student athletes be on the honor roll to play? A plan B *If you do not succeed in your sport you will have something to fall back on.
*If you have good grades and can keep up with everything then you will be organized and have everything under control.
*The athlete will be less stressed over trying to catch up in class. Grades *Sports are a privilege and grades should be a priority.
*Some colleges do not accept "great/good" athletes if they do not meet the necessary standards (grade point average, test scores, etc.)
*Being on the honor roll allows the athlete to be more open minded on what they can and/or want to achieve.
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