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Ching Shih:

No description

Hannah Sisson

on 9 September 2017

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Transcript of Ching Shih:

Ching Shih:
From Prostitute to Pirate Lord

By: Hannah Sisson

Ching Shih Summary:
At her peak, she commanded 2,000 ships and 80,000 pirates
Her Early Life:
born in Guandong in 1775
birthname: Shing Xiang Gu
worked in a floating brothel starting from a very young age
Cheng Yi ordered his men to plunder her brothel and take her, who was his favorite prostitute
OR he went there and proposed himself
The Red Flag Fleet
Grew from 200 ships to 1800 because they worked together
"Color Coded" Ships
Death in the Family
After 6 years of success and marriage, Cheng Yi died in a typhoon
Took over his name as "widow of Cheng"
Also took over his fleet
Know Your Strengths
Sailing was not her strength, so she gave that job to husband's second in command Chang Pao
While he led men to battle, she focused on growing the fleet with more and more outlaws
Codes of Conduct
Deserters had their ears cut off
money was distributed
extortion & blackmail
China was scared
1808: China tried to capture and punish her and her fleets
Did not work...
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