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Financial Aid

No description

Fortesa Latifi

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Financial Aid

must be U of A student to use get matched up with scholarships that fit your life specifically for University of Arizona students free Scholarship Universe a scholarship website designed specifically for University of Arizona students Wildcat Joblink a website for current UA students and alumni which offers a robust database of possible employment opportunities...including on-campus and work study. Oh, $#!% Step 1: Log in with UA NetID.

Step 2: Fill out profile.

Step 3: Scan job opportunities by category (part-time, work-study, on-campus, etc.)

Step 4: Upload resume and cover letter and apply for the job of your dreams. over 15,000 employers posting
job opportunities only $5 per academic year find convenient jobs on campus Step 1: Sign in with UA NetID

Step 2: Answer questions about background

Step 3: Be matched with scholarships that fit your profile

Step 4: Apply! Scholarship Essay Writing Tips Avoid Scams Bursar's Tuition Payment Plan a plan to help you pay tuition bits at a time http://www.bursar.arizona.edu/students/payment_plan divide each semester's tuition
into 3 installments Sign up through UAccess before Tuition Deadline Not available for Study Abroad, Winter, or Summer Sessions Department Advisor Who's my advisor?
Advisor by major:
http://advising.arizona.edu/co_major.php department-specific scholarships information about paid internships information about work-study opportunities in the department Cost of Attendance Re-evaluation Form If an unforeseen circumstance has left you without enough money from your scholarship, fill out form Not a guarantee of more money, but a possibility, if the Financial Aid Office recognizes financial need. 1. Create a budget. better idea of how much money you have to spend on luxuries versus necessities
know at the beginning of each week if you can afford to splurge, how often, and on how much. 2. Set financial priorities. enough money
for textbooks a down-payment
on spring break
trip 3. Look at spending habits - Check bank statements and look at what's spent
- Check for overcharges campusbookrentals.com Rent the books
Use them
Return them Let's Hit the Books or something like it... Feed the Grub Cut back on eating out

Potluck with friends

Brown bagging The Wheels on the Bus go 'Round and 'Round Transportation Costs Other ways of getting around cheaper than gas:

CatTran - It's mostly FREE! (except for Orange line) Rent certain books at UA bookstore. UA Campus Pantry
UA students, faculty & staff on risk of going hungry
Grocery-store-like experience
Anonymous and comfortable
El Portal (Highland & 6th) Buy used or rent Just ask the cashiers! Use that Student ID like Nobody's Business Ann Taylor
Banana Republic
Charlotte Russe
Eddie Bauer
Juicy Couture
Burger King
Norton "A penny saved is a penny earned!" http://financialaid.arizona.edu/managing-my-aid/financial-aid-forms I used all my financial aid already! Here are some helpful tips to help you get by.
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