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Using INBs in Science Class

No description

Liz Miller

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of Using INBs in Science Class

Notebook Requirements
Why an Interactive Notebook (INB/ISN)?
Students interact with content and see connectedness by:
Using both sides of the brain
Increasing thinking and achievement
Organizing their thinking

What have you tried?
Liz Miller
7th grade science

Robin Benoit
8th grade science

Florence Sawyer School
Bolton, MA
Create portfolios
Reveal true understanding and misconceptions
Provide opportunities for self assessment
Additionally, they...
How do I get started?
Right side
Left side
only has odd numbered pages
information given in class
notes taken during a lectures, videos or while reading
lab instructions, procedures, materials and data
sample problems
any other type of input you get in class
Right Side
Left Side
only has even numbered pages
uses color to help the brain learn & organize information
allows the student to interact with & process information in an individualized way
demonstrates understanding

Pocket Folders...?
Brainstorming Diagrams
Concept Maps Drawings
Writing Prompts Venn Diagrams
Reflections Flow Charts
and more...
8 1/2 x 11
Sturdy Cover
Organizing the notebook
Numbered pages!
do this ahead of time
odds on the right, even on the left
renumber after gluing in
Table of Contents & Reference at the beginning
Think about two sided handouts
need to make a flap or foldout
photocopy with margins or w/ back page upside down

Helping students use the notebook
Make sure they know the purpose
Be consistent with format and requirements
Teach them to use color as a learning tool
Take time in class to glue and organize

Keeping your sanity
Take it one step at a time
Don't be too hard on yourself
Realize that there is not one perfect way to do this
Work together and share ideas with colleagues
Ideas for left sides
Student choice...?
Guided notes
Independent notes
Reading Guide
Big ideas and standards
Lab Procedure and observations
Interactive notebooks:
An organization tool that REALLY works!

Ideas we've come up with over the years...
Reading guide
Four quadrant notes
Where did INBs come from?

Data Table
Procedure and data
Practice Problems
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