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My Person From the Past

Laura Rushton

on 16 September 2010

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Transcript of Lugalzaggisi

Lugalzaggisi Lugalzaggisi was born in 2370 B.C.E.
He died in 2285 B.C.E. He used to be the king of Uruk. He ruled for 25 years. Lugalzaggisi said in his inscription that Enlil had given him “all the lands between the upper and lower seas.” Lugalzaggisi had united the middle east into one great empire from the Persian Gulf to Mediterranean. Lugalzaggisi was considered the
only king of the third
dynasty or Uruk. Sacred king of the southern Mesopotamian city of Umma, who first conquered the major cities of Lagash and Kish, then overcame the Sumerian cities of Ur and Uruk. After uniting all of Sumer, he extended his empire to the Mediterranean coast but, after a period of 25 years, he lost his empire to the rising dynasty of Sargon, the powerful Semitic ruler of Akkad. Semite revolted, and captured Lugalzaggisi
and he exhibited his body in a cage
at the temple of Enlil at Nippur. He was the first king to unite Sumer as a single kingdom. The site of Lugalzaggisi has not yet been discovered but it is generally believed to have been a little north of Babylon. Lugalzagissi one of the earliest of the world's great empire builders Lugalzaggisi had already united the cities of Sumer by defeating each one and claimed to rule the lands not only of the Sumerian cities but also those as far west as the Mediterranean. Lugalzaggisi was a king who reigned
for many years and today there are still kings
and queens who reign for long periods of time. Bibliography:

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