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Superstition in the Jade Peony

No description

Marcos Pérez

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Superstition in the Jade Peony

16. Consider the significance of superstitions. How does it affect the characters in the novel?
Superstitions "I touched her protruding tummy" (6)


You can't touch the belly of a pregnant woman, pregnancy problems Babies "Turtles talk to ghosts" (79)

"Good Fortune [...] long life" (80)

If you take care of a turtle, you'll be lucky

Why a superstition and also a myth? The Old Turtle of China "That is my body fighting with death. He is in this room now" (168)

Wind Chimes

"He will hang it [...] so that my ghost [...] returns" (170). she meant to China. Death "I believed in ghosts, like everyone in Chinatown" (79) said Jung-Sum

"I must say goodbye to this world properly or wander this foreign land forever" (170), her ghosts back to China.

She tells Sekky "My spirit will hear its sounds and see its light and return to this house to say goodbye to you" (168) Ghosts Good Ghosts and Bad Ghosts The peony is the China's national flower

Peony = Peace and Luck

Because it is made of Jade, apart of valuable it symbolizes great things

It is "[Poh-Poh's] most lucky possession" (169). Jade Peony Bad ghosts = bad fortune, illness, death and no balance in yin and yang

"Most of these [bad ghosts] were somewhat confused by not being able to go with their bones back to Old China" (179)

Peace afterdeath is important
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Ms. Costa
March 1, 2013 Thank You!
You people rock! Activity Time Question Time?
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