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~ K-Pop 2008 - 2009 ~

No description

Nanaa GY

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of ~ K-Pop 2008 - 2009 ~

~ K-Pop 2008 - 2009 ~
Genres ;
Kpop is an abbreviation of Korean pop . It's a musical genre that includes
Pop , Rock , Electronic , R&B , and Hip-hop
which came from South Korea .
Fashion ;
Artists ;
Big Bang ; Their song "Haru Haru" = Day By Day won 3rd place in Top 20 K-Pop songs in 2008 .
Artists ;
2NE1 ; Their song "I Don't Care" won 6th place in the Weekly Music chart in 2009 .
How the music was heard and shared ;
It would be heard on Youtube , radios , ITunes , on TV , etc.

It would be shared by friends , family , social media , etc.
Korean hairstyles in 2008 - 2009
Epik High ; Their song "One" ft Ji Sun won 16th place in the Top 20 K-Pop songs in 2008 .

Girl's Generation ; Their song "Genie" won 9th place in the Weekly Music chart in 2009 .
Compare/Contrast ;
K-Pop Idols back then didn't really wear as much make up . Back then girls would wear a very light-no-makeup look . Now girls would put a lot of make up just to make their skin look healthy and make their eyes pop .
Back then the guys would just have either no makeup or just a light touch of eyeliner . Now the guys have a heavy-eyeliner look / smokey eyes .
Then ;
Now ;



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