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No description

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of Paragraphs

Why has the second paragraph been started?
Why has the second paragraph been started?
Why has the second paragraph been started?
"Toro!" he shouted. "Toro!" And I charged. Again and again I charged, and each time I was swathed in his great cape and had to fight my way out of it.

At last he cast aside the cape, picked me up by the waist and held me high so we were face to face. "We dance well, little bull," he said, and kissed me on both cheeks.

There was great excitement at his visit. Everyone would be coming and we'd be having a great feast. I told Paco all about Uncle Juan the evening before he came. Paco stood and listened, whisking he tail at the flies.
"Maybe one day he'll dance with you in the bullring, Paco," I said.

Uncle Juan came late the next day. We put up the long table outside, and when we sat down to eat our paella that evening there must have been twenty of the family there.
I had no conscience any more about what I had done, no thought now of what it would mean to Father to lose his precious herd of cattle. Paco would not suffer that terrible death in the ring - that was all that mattered to me.

Chica seemed to know the path,, and she was as surefooted as a mule. I never once came near to falling off, despite my exhaustion.

The Elephant’s Child picked up his hairy uncle, the Baboon, by one hairy leg, and flung him into a hornet's nest.

The other elephants in his family could see its advantages and went off one by one in a hurry to the banks of the great grey- green, greasy Limpopo River, to borrow new noses from the Crocodile.
Read these different
extracts from stories.

Why do you think the author might
have started a new paragraph?
The crocodile became very proud of its skin and started coming out of the water to bask in the other animals' admiration, even while the sun was shining. He begin thinking he was better than the other animals and started bossing them around.

The other African animals became bored with his change in attitude and fewer and fewer started showing up to look at his skin.

I felt the damp of the morning mist around us before I ever saw the dawn. We climbed on, higher and higher into the mist, until the last of the night was gone and a hazy white sun rose over the hills.

We came suddenly to a clearing. On the far side was a stone hut, most of it in ruins, and beside it a circular stone corral. I hadn't seen this one before.

Why has the second paragraph been started?
Long ago, on the edge of an emerald green forest, there lived a miserable bear. He was forever grumpy and would moan at anything.

On the other side of the forest was a deep blue lake, its icy water home to a wide variety of fish. Each day as the sun rose, the water glistened and the fish swam happily.
We had uncles and aunts and cousins all around, of course. The whole viallage was like one big family. But we can skip all that. It was another birth about five years after my own that really begn it all.
When the mother fox and the father fox both returned home they were very grateful to the brave monkey and to the other foxes for protecting their cubs while they were away.

And that was the day that the young cubs learned a valuable lesson indeed. They learned that it is very important to know your neighbours and be kind to them because they will always look after you in return, and will offer help when you need it most.
I'd spend all the hours I could on that fence just talking to Paco, scratching his head and having my hand sucked off. But luckily, Father and Mother never did find out about our secret meetings, not then, not ever.

Paco grew fast in his first year. He grew horns where there had been none, and often played at fighting with the other yearlings, mock battles which he always won.
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