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Prisoner B-3087

A prezi of the Prisoner B-3087 book.

Jakob Cushman

on 19 March 2015

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Transcript of Prisoner B-3087

By Alan Gratz
Concentration Camps in Auschwitz:

The day of February 13th, 1942 engraved with blood in the annuals of Krakow history. It was then that Amon Goeth became the commandant of the camp. Amon Goeth wouldn't eat breakfest until he killed atleast one Jew.
Amon Leopold Goeth, like many Nazi criminals, was born in Vienna, on December 11,1908. Before the war he was a modest clerk, with a passion for literature. He was a ticking time bomb. Unfulfilled murderers, domestic sadists – nice and likeable on the surface, of whom a neighbour, upon hearing that by noon they killed half a kindergarten, would say “impossible, he was such a nice and well-mannered man”.
"Profile of Amon Goeth – the Commandant of the Płaszów Camp. | Jewrnalism." <i>Jewish Journal News</i>. Web. 17 Nov. 2014. &lt;http://www.jewishjournal.com/jewrnalism/item/profile_of_amon_goeth_the_commandant_of_the_paszow_camp_20120725&gt;.
What the Nazi's did to torture Jewish people:
Jews were whipped, and also skinned alive.
Sometimes guards would push them to the ground and kick them to death.
Jews sent to the "showers" were told to undress in front of everyone before entering the showers. Once in there they would bolt the doors shut and fill the chambers with gas
They used cruel and unusual experimental devices, and also did cruel experiments like sewing Jews together at the torso to see if they could live as "Siamese twins."
The German doctors did cruel medical experiments that few Jews survived.
Tied them to a post and tore the flesh off their backs with a stick wrapped with barbed wire.
Using saltwater and electricity

Amon Goeth was a cruel commandant at one of Yanek's Concentration camps.
"Nazi Torture - Trudeau for Dummies." <i>Nazi Torture - Trudeau for Dummies</i>. Web. 18 Nov. 2014. &lt;https://sites.google.com/site/thegospelaccordingtosaintlefty/paranoia/nazi-torture&gt;.
The Story of Jack Gruener is True
Jack Gruener was born in Krakow, Poland in 1927.
He was only child and always with his parents.
Lost them in a deportation to the concentration camp that took place when he went outside the ghetto to visit a friend. This was the first time in his life that he was alone. He was the youngest in the ghetto.
He was in the Plaszow concentration camp.
He went from Tezebinia to Birkenau in Death March where more than half died.
He was in Tezebinia, Auschwitz,-Birkenau, Bergen Belsen, and Dachau.
He was in Munich when the war ended.
When he arrived in the US he was enlisted in the American Army and went to the Korea war.
He survived once again, this time with a gun in his hands. The story of Jack Gruener lives on!
"Jack Gruener." <i>Jack Gruener</i>. Web. 19 Nov. 2014. &lt;http://namesnotnumbers.org/student_research_Jack_Gruener.html&gt;.
Analysis of Novel
Video Segment #2
Video Segment #1
Arrival Of Jewish People at Aushchwitz Conc. Camp.
The era of the Holocaust
In the 1930's the violence toward the Jewish people started.
The Jewish people were rounded up, put in camps, and some were just shot.
By 1943 the Jewish people started to uprise against the Nazis.
In the end 90% of the Polish Jews were killed.
They were put into extermination camps.
Literary Connection #2

This book describes the life of a Jewish boy named
Yanek. He lived in a ghetto when one day an intrusion of German Nazis came and took their homes, money, food, etc.
Yanek is forced to see his past life crumble before
his eyes. Yanek, now a prisoner in the concentration camps, has to work to survive. He lives to work and works to live in ten different concentration camps. Yanek is in his final camp, after six years, is saved by American soldiers who take the Jewish prisoners to safety, away from the Nazis' grasp.
In the end Yanek finds a long lost cousin who he
lives with, until he finally moves to the United States to start a new life, and new has a new name, known as Jack Gruener.
Theme :
Literary Connection #1
Extra Credit
The theme of the book is to never lose hope keep trying to survive. Yanek did this every day to survive. He used the little bit of hope he had to keep going. Without that little bit of hope Yanek wouldn't have survived the Holocaust.
Metaphor :
"We cannot let these monsters tear us from the pages of the world." This quote shows the determination of Yanek's uncle and not letting the monsters (Nazis) take them from the world, or in other words, kill their people. (The Jewish race.)
Jakob C.
Jalen J.
Makayla M.
Tristin H.
Example of a concentratioin camp used during the Holocaust.
Picture of a Jewish item called a dreidel.
Handcuffs to represents the confinement or control the Nazis tried to have over the Jewish people during the Holocaust.
Amon Goeth Commendant of Plaszow Conc. Camp
Jewish Star of David
Concentration Camp
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