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Hillcrest BHS for Adolescents

Presentation over services offered at OSU Medical Center through Hillcrest for Adolescents

Daniel Sharples

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Hillcrest BHS for Adolescents

744 W. 9th St.
Tulsa, ok 74127 Hillcrest Behavioral Health Services for Adolescents
The Adolescent Unit is designed to deliver treatment as well as to provide a protective and supportive environment for children 13 through 17 years of age. While in treatment, the child will be involved in group, family and individual therapy. Other treatment components include comprehensive psychiatric, medical and social evaluation, structured school, recreational therapy, art therapy, occupational therapy, social skills activities and a behavior management program. misconceptions of treatment: Established in 1985, Hillcrest Medical Center’s Behavioral Health Services offers high quality inpatient psychiatric care for youth up to the age of 18. HMC’s Children and Adolescent Behavioral Health Services are housed inside OSU Medical Center, a 235-bed acute care hospital located in downtown Tulsa. Behavioral Health Services is licensed by the Oklahoma State Department of Health as a specialized psychiatric children’s treatment program. It is also licensed by the Department of Human Services as a residential treatment program and is accredited by The Joint Commission (formerly JCAHO). Inpatient Treatment

Our inpatient treatment program is designed to provide crisis stabilization and therapeutic rehabilitation for youth up to 18 years of age who are experiencing emotional and/or behavioral problems. A team of psychiatrists provide diagnosis, medication management and supervision of all aspects of a patient’s treatment. Treatment includes a combination of individual, family and group therapies, recreational and art therapies and when necessary, medication administration. Upon discharge, patients will be provided with resources for follow-up care to ensure long-term success. Symptoms Treated

We treat a wide array of behavioral health symptoms including, but not limited to:

* Social withdrawal and isolation
* Persistent feelings of sadness
* Agitation and restlessness
* Confusion and disorientation
* Loss of energy and motivation
* Sleeping and eating disturbances
* Depression
* Anxiety and panic disorders
* Suicidal thoughts or attempts
* Dysfunctional behavior that impedes daily
* Obsessive compulsive symptoms
* Hypomanic or manic behavior
* Delusions/hallucinations
* Self-neglect/Self-harm
* Grief Issues
* Poor impulse control
* Excessive aggression
* Homicidal thoughts or attempts

Behavioral Health Services (BHS) employs a team of licensed therapists, intake counselors, case managers, registered nurses, therapeutic recreation specialists, psychiatric technicians, and psychiatrists who are dedicated to the well-being of each patient. BHS is led by Medical Director Dr. Marvin Jin who has been with the program since it was established over 20 years ago. Low staff turnover and a high level of employee satisfaction mark our staff’s passion for their profession. Daily Life

To allow for the best possible experience for our patients, four specialized units are offered – children; early adolescent; adolescent acute and adolescent residential. The early adolescent unit is designed with the unique physical and emotional needs of patients’ ages 9 – 13. The children’s unit is the only one of its kind in northeast Oklahoma to accept patients as young as three years old. By placing each patient in the unit best suited to his or her age, health needs and maturity level, our therapists are able to tailor activities, therapy and discussions to allow for the best possible outcome for each individual involved. While in treatment, patients attend classes through Tulsa Public Schools’ onsite Therapeutic School. During the summer, enrichment classes are offered in place of regular school curriculum. The department also offers an onsite gymnasium for recreational activities and an enclosed playground. interpreter some
metaphors guides environmentalists responses from patients "I got to let out all of my feelings that were all built up inside
and it was very comfortable for me to that. And it made me
feel like I was not alone" This treatment program has helped me by enabling me to acknowledge the cause of my actions and the core of my depression. It has given me new ways to cope with any problems that may arise in the future." "I noticed that the humor (of the staff) was helpful to most patients, and during group therapy that lifted everyone's spirits. I needed time to get my thoughts together, and the people here helped me reach an epiphany for my direction and purpose in life."
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