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Market Research

No description

Mike Ondrousek

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of Market Research

Mike Ondrousek
Juliana Jaramillo
Joyce Liu
Ninad Gokarn
Market Research
A presentation by...
What is Market Research?
Why is Market Research Important?
Primary Research
Examples of
"Secondary Research" Questions
Secondary Research
External Data Collected
Businesses are able to examine in their market :
Buying behaviour
Attitudes of customers
Performed after secondary research

Research is focused, specific and customised

Control of the questions: extremely valuable

Ways to collect primary research:
Focus groups, surveys
and through observations

Disadvantages: Expensive, and time consuming.
Performed BEFORE "Primary Research"

Businesses can understand an overview of the broader market

Process of gathering information through available sources:

Information obtained free or low cost
Resources readily available
"No two markets are exactly the same"
"Markets are forever in flux"
Ultimately, market research should:

Provide information that
reduces risk

Help increase success of business

The final conclusions should meet your initial business objectives
Process of:
Interpreting information
Created campaign 2008 – “How do you like your Vegemite?”


After this campaign:
Sold 1000 tonnes of Vegemite
12.7% increase of sales in previous year

Primary Research
Exemplar: Kraft, Vegemite
What is the Population of Queensland?
Students In Queensland
How Many Students Eat Breakfast?
(The State of Queensland, 2014)
How Many of Those Students
Buy/ Eat Vegemite?
Vegemite Sales
1923 - 2008
(The State of Queensland, 2014)
(Robertson, 2010)
(Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2014)
The foundation for marketing and sales planning

Identify if: strategy needs changing, or updating

Helps understand current environment of your industry

Two types of market research:
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Do you like the taste?
Are you Australian?
Would you recommend Vegemite?
Would you buy Vegemite?
Not customised
Out of date

Some Feedback...
How do you like Vegemite, (2008)
How do you like Vegemite,(2008)
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