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Elements and compounds

No description

Paul Sheffield

on 9 November 2016

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Transcript of Elements and compounds

Elements and compounds
Periodic table
identifying elements, mixtures and compounds
Changing properties

Different properties
Making a Fire extinguisher
React the calcium carbonate and hydrochloric acid together
Write down your observations
How does the gas affect the candle?
The gas is carbon dioxide, what elements is carbon dioxide made of?
Can you list the properties of oxygen?
Are they the same as carbon dioxide?
What about carbon?
describe the properties of Sodium and chlorine.
describe the properties of sodium chloride
draw a particle diagram to illustrate the reaction
write a word equation
write a symbol equation
What will happen to the mass of the substances?
which of these are elements?
which are compounds?
Can you describe the properties of these different substances?
How do you know a chemical reaction has happened?
test the conductivity of the magnesium
burn the magnesium
test the conductivity of the whitre compound
record your observations
what is the white solid?
Can you write a word equation?
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