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Hatching Magic Author: Ann Downer Genre: Fantasy

No description

jamie rodriguez

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Hatching Magic Author: Ann Downer Genre: Fantasy

I think the theme of "Hatching Magic" is evil is always defeated by good. I say this because Gideon has to battle with Kobold his rival in the story.
The setting of the book "Hatching Magic" takes place in the thirteenth century and goes to the twenty-first century.
This happens because a thirteenth century wizard confronts with twenty-first century Boston while seeking his pet who went missing.
The plot of Hatching Magic is two wizards who are both desperatley looking for a creature. The name of it is a Wyvern that in the thirteenth century is a type of dragon. Soon after Gideon ( the good wizard )falls into the the hole in which Wycca his pet Wyvern fell into. Kobold had hatred towards him because he had received the title of Sorcerer Royal. So because of that he wants to make Gideon pay for not getting the title himself.
Main Characters
Theodora Oglethorpe (called Dodo) is sad because her biologist father has gone to explore the jungles of Laos.
Wycca: Gideon's pet wyvern that goes missing because she went through a bolt- hole.
Michelle Kolodney (Mikko) : Is the nanny of Theodora and is kind person.
Gideon : Obsessed with Wyverns also he is smart and is the head wizard.
Kobold : Is Gideon's wizard rival who Gideon hates and thinks is a demon. Also trying to get his hands on Wycca-Gideons pet dragon. Kobold is Gideons half-brother who is jealous of his position in the castle
Title: Hatching Magic
The rating that I gave to the book I read was a 7 out of 10 because it was an interesting book that but it wasn't the best book.
Wyverns: are a brand of magical dragons.
Author: Ann Downer
Genre: Fantasy
Created by :Jamie Rodriguez
I know that this book is fantasy because it talks about dragons which some people believe are real but some don't belive this tale.

One element that this fantasy posesses is wizards, like dragon myths some people believe that there are

The message/lesson that the author was trying to convey was don't fight or things could get worse.
This impacts the story because it could tell what would happen in the story next so it could be suspenseful because you don't know what happens.
The problem is that Gideon the owner of Wycca the Wyvern has gone missing and Gideon has fallen into a mysterious time traveling bolt-hole.
It affected the characters mood all throughout the story which made the character Gideon nervous to find Wycca otherwise Kobold
Thanks for watching !!!!!
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