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Coco Chanel

No description

Georgia Patrick

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel The Woman who changed fashion

Georgia Patrick Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel Born on August 19, 1883
In Saumur, France
She was raised in orphanages and learned to sew Young Gabrielle began singing in cabarets and was nicknamed 'Coco' Chanel became the mistress of Englishman Arthur Boy Capel
He helped influence her designs from the beginning

Women in France and around the world were wearing tight corsets and long dresses everyday
Chanel took Arthur's clothes and adapted them for herself Coco first took her boyfriends riding pants, button down shirts and most famously his blue and white striped sailor shirt and altered them to loosely fit her Chanel in the iconic sailor shirt In 1910 she Opened her first store on 31 Rue de Cambon in Paris
The shops name was originally Chanel Modes, this shop is still there today also housing the brands haute couture tailor shop Chanel's designs were outrageous and different, but those women who took chances in their wardrobes became fans Especially women in the United States, who were ready for a clothing revival, since their strict day to day outfits were uncomfortable and out dated Chanel's pieces were seen everywhere, first on french actresses, making her designs more coveted
Women loved her iconic staples, like the little black dress, tweed suits, 2 toned heels, quilted bags and costume jewelery made of fake pearls and real stones Why Chanel's designs are timeless The clothing that Gabrielle created didn't follow the trends of the time
She crossed boundaries and she was the face behind the clothes of the modern woman
Her well known tweed blazer, two toned heels, quilted bag and little black dress were, are and will be women's closet staples In 1920 she created the first designer perfume,
Chanel No. 5 Fashionable women in the U.S. also began wearing Chanels iconic color palette: Black and White
Wearing Black is typical today, but in the 20's it was meant mostly for funerals Fashion Fades, only style remains the same
- Coco Chanel The Chanel Brands legacy Gabrielle Chanel died in 1971 in the Ritz, Paris
Karl Lagerfeld has taken Coco's place for the Chanel brand

The timeless brand begins to evolve and change, but Gabrielle's timeless and classic style, still shines through today Works Cited Coco Chanel Biography. The Biography Channel, 2005. Web. 03
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Wallach, Janet. Chanel her Style and her Life. New York: Nan A. Talese,
1998. Print. Chanel's pieces changed fashion forever, she altered what society thought was acceptable for a woman to wear She ultimately began the clothing revival in the 1920's creating dramatic looks and giving women the encouragement to shorten skirts and add some glitz to their wardrobe, like the flapper Chanel changed the uniform for the modern woman Chanel designing clothing for the modern woman and these pieces shown at intimate fashion shows. As the video goes on, so does time but you can see that the Parisian and classic style of the brand never alters. Even back in the 20's, Chanel fashion shows were an unforgettable event. Arthur and Chanel enjoyed the same hobbies and clothes The Famous Shop in Paris debuting her iconic double C trademark Coco designed the bottle with the 'less is more' design aesthetic, helping it last for decades Chanel in her later years still helped to design and create new looks for the brand Karl Lagerfeld at a Chanel Fashion show in 2012 She opened a sportswear shop in Deauville, France introducing the first bathing suit and modern ski and sports wear
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