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Christopher Columbus by Emily Slattery

No description

Ms Christian's Class

on 15 March 2016

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Transcript of Christopher Columbus by Emily Slattery

His father was a wool merchant and weaver.
As a child it is believed that Christopher had lessons from monks.
I chose Christopher Columbus because....
Interesting Facts...
Columbus went to sea at the age of 13.
He and his brother Bartholomew made and sold maps.
Columbus called his discoveries the 'New World' as the lands they discovered were new to Europeans.
He called Native Americans 'Indians' as he thought he had landed in 'the Indies' (Asia).
Columbus and his sailors were very brave and never gave up on their dream, even when people laughed at them.
Many Europeans, when they got to America, treated the Native Americans very badly, took their land and made them become slaves.
What is Christopher Columbus famous for?
links between Europe and America.

Christopher Columbus
by Emily Slattery

Modern Genoa
He was a great explorer and discovered great lands.
I would like to be an explorer and travel the world.
I find his discoveries very interesting and some day I want to visit America!!
Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa in Italy, a very busy port.
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