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Charles Henry Turner

No description

Destiny Carter

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Charles Henry Turner

Charles Henry Turner

Charles Henry Turner
The Insect Man

Back Ground Info.

Born February 3, 1867 in Cincinnati, Ohio
Died February 15, 1923 in Chicago, Illinois at 56 years old
Mother-Adeline Turner: a practical nurse
Father- Thomas Turner: a custodian
Married to Leontine Troy in Cincinnati in 1887
They had two sons- Henry and Darwin Turner
Lady Bugs
Dr. Charles Henry Turner had found new species
He contributed to the research and the studies of crayfish and bird brains
His parents were actually slaves
Was Valedictorian of Gaines High School
Fun facts:



Educational Background
Charles Henry Turner made many contributions to science through his study of the behaviors of insects

Charles was the first person to discover that insects could hear and alter behavior based on previous experience

He showed that insects could learn through the display of bees recognizing color and patterns

His last discovery to be developed was his field research on fresh-water invertebrates

Charles Henry Turner was a well accomplished man. He was a man who was devoted to his passion for the world around him. Charles was an educator, zoologist, and civil rights activist. At the era of his presence, accomplishing the goals and honors that he had obtained was astounding. He had made many discoveries that changed the world of science. Through his research techniques, Turner revealed many developments through his observation of the natural world. Turner's research techniques have become a precedent that many scientists today abide by. Turner's research was so immense that he wrote over 70 research papers. His perseverance through racial prejudice helped him to become known as one of the leading chemists and biologists this this world, let alone this country, has ever known.


Destiny Carter
In 1910 Turner was elected a member of the Academy of Sciences of St. Louis.

The circling movements of ants retreating back to their nest was later named tournoiement de Turner (“Turner circling”), a discovery previously made by Turner, by French naturalist Victor Cornetz.

Many schools have been named after him in his honor

Books were also made about him. For example,
Bug Watching with Charles Henry Turner
By Michael Elsohn Ross, illustrated by Laurie A. Caple
Attended Gaines High School
No schools that Charles attended before Gaines High School have been recorded
At the University of Cincinnati he received his bachelors in biology in 1891 and his masters in 1892
He had even taught at his alma mater for a short period of time after graduating
Graduated from the University of Chicago with a Ph. D in Zoology
In St. Louis, Missouri he taught at Sumner high School until 1922
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